10 Best Wood Stoves of 2020

by Martin
Best Wood Stoves

In winter, it is important to have good heating to stay in a comfortable home. This is why you need wood stoves. They run on natural and ecological fuel and are efficient for heating your home. If you are planning to buy one, but don’t know how to choose the best wood stoves for 2020, then take the time to read this guide. It will give you some information on the main criteria to consider, including performance, design, and compliance.

Here is a catalog of the 10 most coveted products on the market. At the top of the guide is Godin 388117, which attracts users with its design that is both attractive and unobtrusive. Juan Panadero 3441 is also powerful. Its 12.4 kW can heat a large room of 350 m³.

Top 10 Wood Stoves of 2020

1. Godin 388117 Wood Stove

Godin 388117 Wood Stove

To help you determine which is the best wood stove on the market, this model is offered as a sizeable solution. Its greatest asset is its 6.5 kW power. Thanks to this intensity, it will be able to diffuse a soft and optimal heat inside your home. Any overheating will then be prevented. Besides, it can effectively cover a room of 80 to 220 m³. Also, this product is environmentally friendly as it emits only 0.07% carbon monoxide. A feature that makes it even more comfortable to use. Moreover, the fumes are emitted from above the appliance through a 153 mm nozzle.

This high-quality unit offers an efficiency of 78.2%. It saves you money on your heating bill because it consumes very little wood. The logs to be used are 55 cm long. The logs are loaded at the front for more practical use.

The design of this equipment is in the form of a cube. With its dimensions of 38.5 x 65 x 66 cm, it is ultra-compact. You will easily find a corner to install it. And it takes up very little space. The presence of the feet on the stove makes it all the more stable and reliable so as not to burn the floor.

  • High Efficiency: It has an efficiency of 78.2%. It consumes very little wood during operation. You’ll save money.
  • Compact: This model is 38.5 x 65 x 66 cm. This makes it easy to install and saves space.
  • Environmentally friendly: This model produces only 0.07% carbon monoxide. It, therefore, works in an environmentally friendly way.
  • No warming compartment: This model does not have a compartment for warming food.

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2. Juan Panadero Corner Wood Stove R2 Plus

Juan Panadero Corner Wood

If you are looking for a high-performance wood stove, look no further, because this inexpensive model from Juan Panadero offers you a high output of 12.4 kW. With this intensity, it will be able to heat a large area of about 270 m³. This power also allows you to increase the temperature in the shortest possible time. Despite its intensity, this model offers an efficiency of 75.1%. Moreover, you can make a significant wood saving with each use.

This model has also won over buyers with its design. The smoke comes out of its upper side through a 120 mm opening. Very practical, it also has a base for installing the wood. The logs will be within easy reach and will not be scattered all over the house.

Therefore, you can organize your room better. Please note that it can hold logs 47 cm long. This product is also equipped with an ashtray. This allows you to collect the debris so that you don’t get your surroundings dirty while using it.

This model is made of 3 to 4 mm steel. It is solid and heat resistant. Its EN 13240 certification guarantees its quality and safety. On the aesthetic side, its glass door and anthracite color add a modern touch to your interior space.

  • Power: This model would be the most efficient, according to the opinions of users. Indeed, its 12.4 kW intensity allows you to have uniform heat in a room of up to 270 m³. It thus brings you great heating comfort so that your interior is always protected from winter.
  • Practicality: This model has storage space for logs and an ashtray. This means that the wood will always be accessible and your room will not be soiled.
  • Design: With its glass door and anthracite color, this product has a modern look. It will, therefore, embellish your home. It is also the cheapest on this list.
  • Heavy: Its weight of 75 kg makes this model difficult to move.

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3. Supra Wood Stove Everest

Supra Wood Stove Everest

The built-in heating system alone will not be enough to heat a dwelling. This is why wood stoves exist. This model can accommodate logs of more than 50 cm and has an energy output of 13 KW. As for the size of its nozzle, it is estimated at 180 mm.

Measuring 78.4 cm long, 98.4 cm high and 44.7 cm deep, this stove will not take up too much space. As for its weight, this model weighs 166 kg. This well-designed version has a built-in pyre, which makes it easy to insert the logs. Besides, the flames can be seen through a glass pane. Sober, its black finish is all-purpose.

Therefore, its installation will not alter the style of your interior. Concerning its structure, you should know that it is entirely made of steel. This material is renowned for its ability to last over time.

In terms of efficiency, you should know that this device can heat a surface of 70 to 190 m². This will depend entirely on the insulation of the room or dwelling in question. Easy to maintain, its ashtray is very easy to access. As for the glass, a glass cleaner will suffice to make it shine. Also, note that the ashtray must be emptied regularly.

  • Space-saving: Given its small size, this stove won’t take up too much space. So it will be very easy to find a place for it.
  • Discreet: Unlike the brown finish, black is a very discreet and versatile color. As a result, this stove will blend in perfectly with the decor.
  • High performance: Thanks to the double combustion, this model will guarantee a nominal power of 13000 Watts, which is far from negligible.
  • Heavy: Compared to other models, this stove is relatively heavy, which will not make it easy to move or even install.

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4. Supra oro Wood Stove 5kw

Supra oro Wood Stove

Among other things, this Supra model is efficient and non-polluting. It meets various standards. It has been awarded the green flame label with 4 stars and complies with the NF EN 13240 standard, which means that it emits only a low level of carbon monoxide, namely 0.25%. It also offers you a better energy efficiency of 72%. You will then consume less wood by using it.

This model has a power output of 5kW and is, therefore, suitable for a room of up to 220 m³. With this intensity, the risk of overheating and the existence of a large temperature difference between the rooms in your house will be minimal.

On the other hand, this item can accommodate 28 cm logs, according to the user test. So you don’t need to use large logs to have a warm atmosphere. This stove allows smoke to pass over the top thanks to a 15 mm opening. Also, you can watch it through the glass. The regulation is done manually to make it easier for you to use the stove.

Practical, this equipment has a warming compartment. You can warm up your food for your winter evenings. It also allows you to keep your hot drinks at a good temperature. The design in steel and vermiculite makes it resistant. It withstands the high heat and does not risk to be damaged from the first use.

  • Conforms to standards: This model is certified NF EN 13240 and has received the green flame label. It guarantees you great efficiency while respecting the environment. Indeed, it diffuses only 0.25% carbon monoxide and offers an efficiency of 72%. This means that you can save a lot of wood.
  • Warming compartment: With this element, you can easily warm up your drinks and dishes.
  • Solid: Made of steel and vermiculite, this unit is fire and wear-resistant. It can be used over the long term.
  • Descriptions: Some users have complained that the descriptions of this product are not very precise in terms of the length of the log. Indeed, this one is 28 cm instead of 33 cm, as announced by the manufacturers.

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5. Invicta 6149 44 OVE

Invicta 6149 44 OVE

If you’re looking for a wood stove that meets all the standards, then you’ve come to the right place. This model from Invicta impresses with its 5-star green flame symbol and its adaptation to the “BImSchV” level II standard. Thus, it not only provides uniform heat, but it also contributes to environmental protection.

It emits only 8.15 g/s of smoke through an 18 mm opening. The carbon monoxide level is therefore lower. It gives you a good efficiency of 76%. This allows you to reduce your consumption of logs. It dissolves only 2.5 kg of wood per hour with a length of 50 cm.

With an output of 10 kW, this model is suitable for both large and medium-sized rooms up to 250 m³. Ergonomically, it has a glass window. So you can see through the lively flame. This way, you will know when to add wood in the blink of an eye.

This chimney stove stands out from the crowd because of its design. Its oval shape gives it a modern and attractive look. Its sober color allows it to fit into any room. Also, this model measures 131 x 55 x 55 cm and is therefore compact so that it does not take up much space in your home.

  • Respect for the environment: This model has a green flame symbol. It assures you that using it does not cause any degradation to nature, as it emits only a low level of carbon monoxide.
  • High efficiency: This model offers you a high efficiency of 76%. It consumes only a small amount of logs, in particular, 2.5 kg/hour. So you can save money on your heating system.
  • Power: This item works with 10 kW. A test will suffice to demonstrate its power to cover a room of 250 m³. It also allows you to benefit from optimal heat.
  • Weight: Once installed, it becomes difficult to move this item due to its weight of 167 kg.

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6. Deville C07706.06 Woodstove

Supra-Gotham 01

This model from Deville won over buyers with the quality of its design. Indeed, it was made of cast iron. This material resists well to heat to prevent the equipment from melting or deteriorating easily with use and high temperatures. It can, therefore, accompany you during long winter seasons.

This model also has a foot with considerable height. Your floor will be well protected from possible burns or fires. With its dimensions of 90.6 x 44.5 x 100.7 cm, this article does not take up much space in your house, even if it is not spacious. Moreover, its black color makes it a perfect addition to any interior decoration. Its simple look also brings a touch of modernity.

This equipment has a power of 9 kW. It raises the temperature very well in a room of 240 m³. It diffuses a uniform heat for more comfort. With an efficiency of 76.9%, it is very economical. You will not consume many logs when using it. Your heating bill could therefore decrease. Also, this material is ecological since it has the advantage of not emitting a lot of carbon monoxide.

  • Sturdy design: Made of cast iron, this model is strong and durable. It remains intact in the face of strong heat so that its use will last you a long time.
  • Compact: This item measures only 90.6 x 44.5 x 100.7 cm. Small in size, it does not take up much space in your room and will avoid clutter.
  • Efficiency: This item is economical to use with its high efficiency of 76.9%. All the more so as your wood consumption will be reduced.
  • Information: Although many think it was designed by the best brand of wood stoves, some users would have liked to have more details on the characteristics of this product.

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7. Godin 3144n Cast iron wood stove

Godin 3144n Cast iron wood stove

This Godin wood stove is distinguished above all by its design. The entire appliance is small, making it easy to install. Also, its weight of only 80 kg will allow you to change its location as you wish. The anthracite painted color of the structure will give a sober and discreet touch to the product. This will not disturb the general harmony of your interior decoration.

As far as its positioning and assembly are concerned, you will have two options here, depending on the conditions and the space available to you. Thus, the connection can be made either at the back or at the front.

As for its power, it can be adjusted from 5 to 8 kW according to your current needs. You will then be able to adapt to the size of your reception room. According to buyers, the performance of this specimen is commensurate with its cost.

  • Simple design: Its look remains quite basic. However, it will appeal to those who don’t appreciate extravagance. And thanks to this look, this product can be easily integrated into your interior design.
  • Easy assembly: We note beforehand that the connection diameter is 153 mm. So you will have no problem finding a tube for it on the market. Also, you can install it from the back or the front depending on the cases you encounter.
  • Robustness: With its weight of only 80 kg, some might conclude that this material is not strong enough.

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8. Invicta Gomont cast iron wood stove

Invicta Gomont cast iron wood stove

This Invicta wood stove is distinguished primarily by its practical design. This is because this product comes in a vertical form. Thanks to this design, you should have no problem installing it even in a small space. So if you are looking for a space-saving product, this one will meet your needs.

As for its performance, this specimen has a power of 12 KW. Thus, this equipment will be able to offer optimal comfort in a room with a maximum volume of 300 m3. This is equivalent to an average size room.

As far as its design material is concerned, this prototype has been manufactured in Gomont cast iron. The strength of the entire structure is therefore not to be questioned. This article will accompany you without fail for several years to come. Besides, the smoke outlet diameter is 150 mm. You will then not risk choking because the evacuation will be done little by little.

  • Space-saving: With its vertical shape, this equipment will not take up much space in your home.
  • Good capacity: One of the main advantages of this specimen is its ability to easily handle a room of up to 300 m3 in volume.
  • Power: Thanks to its 12 KW power, this item heats up quite quickly. You won’t have to wait long before you have a perfectly conditioned room.
  • Weight: Weighing a total of 128 kg, this product will not be the easiest to move. It is, therefore, preferable to assign it a fixed place.

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9. Nordica Candy Wood Stove

Nordica Candy Wood Stove

This is an enameled cast iron wood stove. Thanks to this design, this product offers good thermal efficiency. As a result, your room will be heated quickly and under the best conditions. Moreover, the glass that makes up part of the door of this equipment is of ceramic type. It can withstand temperatures up to 750°C. All this to say that this reference has been designed to last.

In terms of design, this version is vertical. It will not take up too much space in your home. This will allow you to install it even in small rooms. Its grey color is all-purpose and will not mar the whole of your decoration.

As far as consumption is concerned, it remains fairly average with a value of 2 kg/hour. This specimen can condition a room of up to 206 m3 of volume.

  • Robust and reliable: The alloy of enameled cast iron and ceramic glass that makes up its composition makes it suitable for intensive use.
  • Practical design: The vertical shape of this item makes it easy to install. It does not require a large surface to be positioned correctly.
  • Capacity: In terms of performance, this product is quite limited. However, as it is a cheap wood stove, the 206 m3 it can pack is quite reasonable.
  • Consumption: Some consumers may find that 2 kg/hour is still quite substantial.

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10. Supermax Hugo Wood Stove

Suprmax Hugo Wood Stove

Are you looking for a new wood-burning stove, but you don’t know which is the most interesting product on the market? The Supra Hugo wood stove is the model in this comparison that might suit you. This heater has a steel casing and heating element. It has been specially designed with a long reach handle so that it can be grasped without bending down. The compact mineral interior of this machine is a high-temperature insulator that keeps the heat in.

This Supra Hugo wood stove is equipped with a double combustion chamber on the back of the unit. It meets the requirements for new buildings BBC. It is airtight and can be connected to the outside air via a standard nozzle. This unit allows primary, secondary and window air to be fully channeled. Also, it has a long, full-height cold handle and an ashtray that is accessible during operation.

According to the opinion of several users, this wood stove is very practical. It has an airflow management system and optimal sealing of the heating element. This system gives you the possibility to control and pilot the combustion in all situations and all weather conditions. It should be noted that this appliance is equipped with “Total Control” technology, which makes the stove completely self-sufficient in combustion air. It can also be adapted to all types of flue pipes.

  • Total Control: the Supra Hugo model features Total Control technology, which controls airflow and perfects sealing for precise combustion control.
  • Long reach handles: this long reach handle offers the possibility of being able to grasp the wood stove without having to bend down.
  • Warranty: this heater benefits from a 5-year warranty.
  • Heavy: this wood stove weighs 106 kg. It is therefore very heavy, but all equipment of this kind is heavy. There’s not much to be alarmed about.

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Buying Guide

As they say, time is money. So to save yours and make the best use of it, we have identified your needs. This then allowed us to learn more about the characteristics to be found in a wood stove. When choosing your future appliance, take our advice into account to find the ideal model. These include performance, design, and compliance with standards.

Performance of the Wood Stove

Before choosing your product in price comparison, please check all the information related to performance to find out how to buy a wood stove with the best value for money. Be aware that performance is represented by power and efficiency. And for your information, the most powerful stoves are not always the best, but you need to choose the right level for your interior.

More clearly, efficiency is measured in percentages. This value indicates the heat emanating from the combustion of the wood. The higher it is, the more efficient it is. In general, the value is close to 80%. Power is expressed in kWh. This is the intensity of the heat emitted. This value must be adapted to the size of the surface where the stove will be installed to emphasize efficiency.


Apart from the technical aspect of the appliance to be heated, there is also the aesthetic aspect to be taken into account in this buying guide for the best wood stoves. Indeed, the device will be in one of the rooms of your house and its shapes and colors will have to suit your decor.

Each of the manufacturers on the market has developed examples of stoves that allow them to differentiate themselves from their prospects. Some have a wider shape than others and their colors also vary. It all depends on your taste. You can choose between the classic models, but also those that are a little more atypical and colorful that will surprise you enormously.

Compliance with Standards

Because it is a heat-producing appliance, a wood stove can be dangerous for you or your family members, but it can also be energy-consuming. So, for your safety and that of your wallet, pay attention to the standards met by the item when choosing.

To know if a wood stove meets the standards or not, check that it has a Green Flame label. This label is awarded to a heating system that offers a certain percentage of efficiency or emits a carbon monoxide level of less than 0.3%. The rate of dust emission is also a factor to consider when deciding where to buy the best wood stove.

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