Best Shower Heads of 2020 (Buyer’s Guide)

by Martin
Best Shower Heads

Without a showerhead, you won’t have a proper shower. In addition to its main function, which is to provide water jets, this device also influences the decoration of your bathroom. This is why it is essential not to leave anything to chance when buying this equipment.

To differentiate the quality from one model to another and know how to choose the best shower heads of 2020, first take a moment to compare their design material, jet type, flow rate, and design. Then we suggest you look at Hudson Reed 40×40 cm if you’re looking for a large, contemporary shower head. Otherwise, we also recommend the Hansgrohe 26685400 which is ideal for saving water and energy. Furthermore, it offers the possibility to choose from 4 types of jets.

Top 5 Best Showerheads of 2020

1. Hudson Reed Square Design Showerhead Rainfall Benefit

Hudson Reed Square Design Showerhead

We know that it is not easy to determine which shower head is the best on the market. That’s why we would like to introduce this superior built-in model. Indeed, it is made from chrome-plated stainless steel. Also, it features anti-limescale nozzles that enhance the quality of the water coming out of it.

This ceiling-mounted knob reproduces the effect of rainwater with an optimum pressure of 5 bar. In this way, you can enjoy moments of total relaxation in the bathroom. Its installation is reliable thanks to its compliance with the 15/21 plumbing standard. This purchase represents a good investment with its wide 10-year guarantee.

Benefiting from an enveloping design, this item measures 40 cm long, 40 cm wide and 1 cm thick. It has a fixed head that cannot be positioned. This pommel can be installed with the classic 15 mm connection. Its contemporary appearance is combined with a brushed and slightly satin metal look. This makes it an excellent decorative element in any bathroom.

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  • High quality: This brand has a good chance to be categorized as the best brand of showerheads, for its design with reliable and durable material.
  • Innovative design: This is a shower head that fits flush with the shower ceiling. The jets from this installation replicate those of rainwater. This is why buyers consider it to be the best performing and design model in this category.
  • Incomplete: However, it is still a pity that the piping and the mixing valve are not supplied with the knob. They had to be purchased separately.


2. Hansgrohe 26685400 Hand shower MyClub Vario 4 Jets

Hansgrohe 26685400

The Hansgrohe 26685400 is in the best product category thanks to its flow control valve. This device is designed to keep the water flow at 9 liters/minute, saving 40% water and energy. The universal design is supported by all hot water systems, faucets, and hoses in the bathroom.

The use of this equipment is very advantageous since it is equipped with 4 different types of jets: “rain”, “normal”, “shampoo” and “jet massage”. Moreover, the device produces a jet of 10 cm in diameter to provide optimal coverage. For more convenience in use, the pommel is made with an ergonomic handle.

If this product is privileged in our guide, it is also thanks to the high-quality materials adopted for its construction. Besides, it comes with the “QuickClean” anti-limestone system, which consists of easily removing the residues on the pimples with your fingers.

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  • Economical: This model can convince you if you want to know where to buy the best and most economical showerhead of the moment, as it can limit water and energy expenses.
  • Versatile: Users who have had the opportunity to test this product are seduced by the possibility of choosing between the 4 available water jets.
  • Longevity: The durability of this article is optimized thanks to the combination of high-end materials with an efficient anti-limestone system.
  • Installation: The pommel design was too straight. Therefore it was necessary to have adjustable support to keep its position horizontally to prevent the jets from flooding the room.


3. Grohe 28765000 Hand Shower 4 Rainshower Jets

Grohe 28765000 Hand Shower

This product is considered to be the best shower head on the market because of its many features. For starters, the device is equipped with 4 different water jets (rain, pure, concentrated, shampoo) that you can easily select according to the type of relaxation you are looking for. However, the water flow is well-balanced thanks to the “DreamSpray” technology.

The pommel is also well thought out to avoid burning problems. Indeed, its internal part benefits from optimal insulation to prevent overheating of the surface. The chrome-plated surface is provided with extra protection. The durability of this device is also reinforced with the anti-limestone system adopted in this article.

The product has a beautiful design and a scratch-resistant chrome finish. It will look great in any bathroom. Also, note that this model is available in two sizes. In any case, its handling and maintenance remain simplified.

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  • Effectiveness: This item is included in this review since it provides real moments of relaxation thanks to the different water jets available and the technology that balances the water flow.
  • Safe to use: There is no risk of you getting burned as the knob is designed with an insulation system. That’s not all, as it is also protected from limescale.
  • Practical: Buyers’ opinions are in favor of this model because of its simplicity of use and ease of cleaning.
  • Slippery: Despite the many positive comments about this shower head, some buyers claimed that the handle tended to slip due to lack of grip.


4. Wyjp Built-in rain shower head

Wyjp Built-in rain shower head

This product can convince you if you are looking to invest in a durable item. Indeed, the showerheads are made of high quality 304 stainless steel to avoid rust problems. Leaks are also eliminated thanks to the Teflon tape and the rubber seal. Besides, the device can withstand high temperatures and has an anti-scaling system.

Designed to be economical, this knob helps you better manage your water consumption. Its weight is reduced despite its resistance so that it can fit most shower arms. Its installation is all the more simplified since it is adapted to all standard ½ in. pipes.

The elegant design of this product brings a decorative touch to your bathroom. Measuring 12 x 12 inches, it has up to 144 nozzles. The manufacturer has also adopted a glossy finish to add to its appearance. It also comes with a ball-and-socket connector that allows you to adjust and select its mounting at the desired angle and location.

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  • Sustainability: If you take a little time to compare this product, you may be tempted to stop your research. Keep in mind that it is designed to be rust, leak and high temperature resistant.
  • Efficiency: If you’re still having trouble deciding which shower head to choose, then this product may appeal to you because of its ability to save water and energy. It is also compatible with most standard hoses and showers’ arms.
  • Reduced pressure: According to some buyers, the water pressure on this model was reduced compared to their old knob.


5. Rovtop LED shower head 7 Colours

Rovtop LED shower head

If you’re looking for a cheap shower head, just focus on this one. It stands out mainly because of its LED lights that automatically change color. These elements bring a nightclub atmosphere to your bathroom. If you take the time to inspect it, you will even notice the presence of stones that will only accentuate its “original” side.

In reality, this model is divided into 3 compartments, each with different stones. These stones act as a filter to improve the quality of the water that comes out. Moreover, the water jet offered on this model is sufficiently powerful and fluid despite its economical design. It is made with two positions to adapt to your needs of use.

You will also appreciate this item for its ease of installation. Also, the manufacturer provides a Teflon roller to reinforce the water tightness of this model.

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  • Original design: This is a knob, certainly cheaper than the others, but which is differentiated by its integrated LED lights.
  • High performance: The manufacturer has added three stone filters in this device to optimize water quality and eliminate undesirable elements.
  • Fast color change: Some buyers would have noticed that the LEDs change color too quickly.

Buying Guide

To successfully buy your shower head, you must focus on several selection parameters. If you don’t know where to start, we’ll give you some advice.


First of all, this device plays a decorative role in your bathroom. So to find out how to buy a shower head with a better quality/price ratio, you will have to focus on the design of your future equipment. On the market, this equipment comes in various shapes: round, rectangular, square, oval. Here you will have to find the design that best suits the atmosphere of your room.

As far as style is concerned, you have a wide range of choices on the market. Starting with the classic type. These are specimens with bar or hose attachment or with mechanisms for wall installation. You can also fall on the hand shower, which is connected directly to the fitting.

The so-called “combination” materials combine the latter with the shower head. And if you do a lot of research, you may come across models called “hydromassage columns”. In all cases, the product you have selected must meet your tastes to enhance your comfort of use.

Types of jets

In a buying guide for the best shower heads, you will also be advised to take stock of the types of jets offered by the specimen you plan to purchase. This also comes into play when it comes to your comfort. Thus, the choice will depend exclusively on your needs and the sensations you wish to enjoy in the shower.

On the market, it is not uncommon for you to come across the single-jet model, which is equipped with only one diffusion option. However, the manufacturers have provided them with several holes well distributed over the surface of the device. There are also multi-jet devices that give you the ability to select the feature that works best for you. Among the proposals, you can choose rain, foam, massage, pulsating, soft and mist modes.

Additional Options

Before you consider where to buy a new shower head, you will need to check out the additional options on your future equipment. These will vary depending on the devices on the market but will tilt the balance towards a particular model as you make your selection.

Today, you have the opportunity to properly manage your water consumption with specimens equipped with economizers. Depending on the tests, they can effectively reduce your bill by 30% to 40% with each shower.

It’s also important to think about the maintenance of your equipment. So, prefer a product equipped with an anti-limestone system to preserve the durability of the model for a considerable period, but also the comfort of its user.

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