Best Robotic Pool Cleaners 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide

by Martin
Best Robotic Pool Cleaners
You can find a whole range of robotic pool cleaners on the market. Brands take the changing expectations of users into account to improve the performance of their models, some also take into account their past mistakes in the design of previous generation robots. In any case, it is logical to look for a robot that is easy to use and efficient in its main task: cleaning the pool. The speed of cleaning is also a criterion appreciated by users. In our review, the Dolphin Swash cl meets this criterion perfectly. Versatile models are also popular, provided they do not have any unpleasant surprises in store, i.e. those that can both clean the bottom of the pool and play Spider-Man on the walls to reach the waterline. This is the case of the Zodiac Vortex OV 3505, which is not only versatile but also an intelligent model.

The 6 Best Robotic Pool Cleaners of 2020

1. Dolphin Swash cl Electric Pool Robot

Dolphin Swash cl Electric Pool Robot How to choose the robotic pool cleaner in 2020? To help you buy the product that suits you best, we have looked at the most efficient models that can be found on the market based on their power, cleaning efficiency and ease of use. Of course, we also pay particular attention to the price of each product. This is how we found this electric model of the Dolphin brand that we want to present in this comparison. It is designed to clean the bottom of the pool and its walls. What we can immediately notice is its ease of use, with the 18 meters of the cable of the machine. This means that you can have a pool nestled in the heart of a large garden without any problems for the machine. Cleaning, moreover, takes only 2.5 hours. Although it is not the cheapest product on the market, the machine offers good value for money. Its 100-micron filter cartridges also make this robot an effective device for cleaning your pool.
  • Fast cleaning: It may not be a perfect pool cleaner, but with it, users appreciate being able to clean their pool quickly. It removes soil, leaves, stones and other dirt from the pool that is invisible to the naked eye, such as possible disease germs. It is an indispensable tool for having a spotless pool in which young and old can relax quietly and as often as possible.
  • Practical device: The device is equipped with a cable that is 18 meters long. Combined with the speed of cleaning, this feature makes this pool cleaner your best ally to clean your pool quickly and efficiently.
  • Cheap pool cleaner: For a few hundred dollars, you can have a completely clean pool in just 2.5 hours.
  • Weak power: a few users have observed that the machine “runs out of breath” during cleaning or that it is sometimes necessary to clean up the few remaining pieces of dirt.
  • Inefficiency on the bottom of the corners: this is a criticism unanimously raised by users. It seems that this robotic pool cleaner does its job well on the walls, but lacks the power to go up to the top, at the height of the waterline. Moreover, this machine is simply not equipped to remove deposits at the bottom of the corners.

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2. Zodiac Electric Pool Robot Vortex OV 3505

Zodiac Electric Pool Robot Vortex The model of an electric pool cleaner we have here is designed for both above and below ground pools. Its main advantage is that it is an intelligent machine, which makes it potentially the best robotic pool cleaner on the market. Specifically, the Zodiac machine is pre-programmed for a well-ordered cleaning of the pool that takes between 1 and 2 hours. To clean the bottom, walls and water line, it normally takes between 2 and 3 hours. Note that it is the slatted brushes of this machine that do the work and remove all the dirt that gets stuck to the bottom of the pool. There is no need to compare this robot with other models to see how easy it is to use. One of the frequent concerns of users with this type of device is the difficulty to install the device on the pool skimmer. With this inexpensive model, they are unlikely to encounter this problem. Its 100µ mesh filter has a 5 L tank, ideal for retaining all waste. To control the device, you are entitled to a remote control which is included in the delivery.
  • Intelligent pool robot: it’s much more practical not to have to go underwater for a cleaning that can take one, two or even three hours, depending on the surface. The buyer uses his remote control, which has proven to be very effective in guiding the machine underwater, on slopes or at the waterline.
  • Efficient: many machines, although designed to clean the entire pool, have difficulty cleaning the walls, corners and often the water line. The user of this Zodiac model can be pleased that this machine is not one of them.
  • Good value for money: the price of this robot is very reasonable as it is an intelligent model, pre-programmed to climb slopes and even reach the water line.
  • Clogged filter: it is inaccurate to say that a 100 or 200µ filter would allow optimal debris retention. It is even less unfounded to claim that a 60µ filter would be effective, even for fine debris such as pollen or dust.
  • Cleaning time: if you only want to clean the bottom of the pool, it only takes about an hour. But if besides, you want the walls and the water line to be taken care of as well, count no less than three hours.

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3. Intex 28001 Pool Robot Bottom Cleaner

Intex 28001 Pool Robot Bottom Cleaner Which is the best robotic pool cleaner on the market? It is not always easy to make a clear-cut decision on this question. However, we do our best to give you some clues, so that you can get an idea of the best performing model without it costing you an arm and a leg. The reference Intex offers us is designed for cleaning the bottom of an above-ground pool. This specialization often pays off. Of course, the versatility of the machine is at the top of the list of characteristics favored by the majority of users. But the most important thing is that the machine is efficient, easy to use and easy to install on the pool skimmer. This model is automatic, which means that you don’t have to do anything else once you start it up. The suction of debris, waste is done by the venturi effect. Ideal for pools from 32 to 38 mm in diameter, this device has a 7.50 m long hose that easily connects to the pool nozzles. Note that it is not possible to use this robot for an underground pool.
  • A featherweight: this pool robot weighs less than 7 kilograms. This is an advantage, especially since it is not an intelligent device that can be controlled from the poolside.
  • Small dimensions: Not only is it light, but it does not take up much storage space. And since it is designed for above-ground pools, the short length of the cable is not a problem.
  • Power: Some would say that lack of power is a classic problem, common to most models. But for this product, this problem is still quite serious since it is designed to clean only the bottom of the pool.

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4. Pentair Water Pool Robot Pentair Bluerebel

Pentair Water Robot Pool If you’re wondering where to buy the best pool cleaner, this model gives you the answer, and the expression “good value for money” makes perfect sense. In concrete terms, the brand promises easy installation of the machine, and users unanimously confirm this. The unit is supposed to have enough power to climb up 90-degree angles and reach the waterline. This is also true in practice. The machine, the manufacturer promises, is equipped with a programmed steering system that is supposed to ensure optimum coverage of all surfaces, from the bottom to the waterline, including slopes. This is indeed the case. In short, the machine is equipped with a vacuum cleaner that is powerful enough to play the spidermen, ridding the slopes and the waterline of leaves, dust and other dirt invisible to the naked eye. This performance is verified both through testing and user feedback. A 10.4 m hose accompanies the product. It is thanks to this equipment that the machine sucks up the dirt from the pool. Compatible with all types of pool linings, this machine moves in a controlled manner underwater for optimal cleaning.
  • Good value for money: this device will not cost you a fortune. And yet, in terms of power and cleaning quality, it rivals the top-of-the-range models available on the market.
  • Efficient vacuum cleaner: here we have a model that vacuums up all the debris without disturbing the water and without taking too much time to do so.
  • Power: a machine needs considerable power to climb the slopes of a pool and reach the waterline.
  • The lack of a warranty: the performance of this machine has been highly praised, and this is also true in practice. But it may seem strange that the manufacturer did not provide at least 12 months of warranty.

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5. Zodiac Hydraulic Pool Cleaning Robot

Zodiac Hydraulic Pool Cleaning Robot This Zodiac hydraulic pool cleaner has power as its main advantage and this has been proven to be true by the feedback from users. This is what allows it to climb the pool walls too easily and reach the water line. However, it should be remembered that the performance of this model, and robotic pool cleaners in general, depends partly on the flow rate-pressure. It is therefore important to ensure that this characteristic is as stated in the manual. In the case of the Zodiac robot, the problem is not really that the device cannot play spiderman, but rather that it goes beyond the waterline. Another aspect appreciated by users is the aestheticism, which is both sober and elegant. There is no extravagance, but rather a discretion. To thoroughly clean your pool, this equipment connects to the pool’s filtration system. The various waste products are then placed in the skimmer basket. Note that thanks to the two propellers that equip the suction turbine, this robot does its job efficiently. Also, be aware that the movement system of this model is random thanks to the X-Drive technology. Thanks to this, its directions are automatic.
  • Versatile: this model can be used to clean both in-ground and above-ground pools with rigid walls of any shape. The machine adapts to different types of coverings such as tiles, liner, polyester or even reinforced PVC and painted concrete. Note in passing that the maximum dimensions of the pool must be 12 x 6 meters.
  • Powerful: this allows the unit to clear the pool of all kinds of debris. The robot is powerful enough to climb slopes and reach the waterline.
  • Good value for money: not only is this hydraulic robotic pool cleaners offered at a low price, but the manufacturer offers a 2-year guarantee.
  • Hydraulic equipment: More and more people are switching to electricity. Indeed, robots of this kind are considered more powerful.

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6. Hayward Pool Robot SharkVac

Hayward Pool Robot Pool Vac V-Flex This model is designed for cleaning swimming pools up to a maximum size of 12 x 6 meters. Among its main advantages are ease of installation and use. Moreover, the cleaning process is silent. The machine is also equipped with a 12-meter long hose, which can be a great advantage if you have a large property and the pool is far from your home. The unit is also equipped with a valve to automatically adjust the flow rate during cleaning. Other features include the speed of cleaning, the ability to climb the walls and reach the waterline, and the ease of maintenance (worn parts can be easily removed). All the same, it must be said that we are dealing with the best brand of robotic pool cleaners on the market. This device is acclaimed by users in particular for its suction power, but also because it is equipped with a valve as well as a vacuum gauge.
  • Ease of use: it is often a clumsiness in the installation of the machine that causes certain malfunctions. These can be prevented by easy installation on the pool skimmer.
  • Cleaning of the walls and the waterline: this is essential as all the water in the pool must be maintained regularly.
  • Quick and silent cleaning: this is a guarantee of comfort for the whole house, in the end.
  • Lack of warranty: No warranty is provided by the manufacturer.
  • Too little information provided: when a manufacturer talks about generalities, it doesn’t inspire confidence in the reliability of his device.

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Buying Guide

Pool maintenance is done in several ways. But the most efficient is the use of a robot specialized in this field. This device must be selected with good judgment, by insisting on a few criteria. The advice offered in this buying guide for the best robotic pool cleaners will allow you to obtain the best performance among the many models on the market. Therefore, we invite you to pay attention to the following few lines.


There are several choices available to you when you want to purchase this type of product. This does not help you to know how to buy a robotic pool cleaner with a better price-quality ratio. You can opt for the hydraulic model, which uses the pressure provided by the filtration. This allows it to move around or suck up dirt without consuming a lot of energy. This type of product is autonomous. You won’t have to stay close to it to keep an eye on it. Then there is the electric robot. It can be powered via the mains or with a battery. Some have a charger integrated into the pool for optimal ergonomics. Also, they are all programmable and several have a remote control for a convenient and simple adjustment. Last but not least is the solar specimen. It catches dirt in the water. Of course, another device would be needed to clean the base and bottom.

Type of Cleaning

Before determining where to buy a new robotic pool cleaner, you should already know which one to take. There are two solutions available to you apart from going through price comparison. The first one is to carry out vacuum cleaning. This will allow you to remove all dirt from the water. Besides, this model only vacuums up the dirt stuck to the walls and bottom. But it is also possible to find high-performance appliances with brushes for more thorough maintenance of each submerged surface. Robotic cleaners are used to take care of the pool lining by scrubbing thoroughly. The latter is much more appreciated than the former, as the cleaning is much more effective. In this case, the type of brush is also important. These accessories are made of rubber in the majority of cases. This allows them to adapt to a sloping surface with a rough coating. They can also be made of foam for tiling and have small, soft teeth.


Generally, the available models use an integrated filter. This reduces the work of the pool filter, making it more durable and easier to maintain. The filter used for robots must capture the smallest particles in the water. The tank should also have a large enough capacity to hold all the waste in a single cleaning. It should be removable. This will ensure easier sweeping. You can then remove it after each vacuuming to remove the collected residues. This is because it clogs up quickly and requires regular maintenance to work properly. Some models also have several different bags, including one for leaves and one for fine particles.

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