Best Portable Solar Panels 2020 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

by Martin
Portable Solar Panels

If you are a fan of nature outings, hiking or camping, a portable solar panel could be useful in your activity. This equipment will allow you to have a source of energy at hand that is both ecological and free. And if you plan to buy a portable solar panel, you should know that you need to put forward a few selection criteria such as the size, power, and compatibility of your device.

Once you’ve looked at these parameters, you’ll know how to choose the best portable solar panels for 2020. A buying guide will be a great help in your quest before you embark on a comparison. However, we already suggest two specimens that have caught our attention in terms of practicality, such as the BigBlue B401 for its two USB ports, and robustness, such as the 100W Eco-Worthy Photovoltaic.

Top 5 Best Portable Solar Panels of 2020

1. BigBlue Solar Portable Charger with 2 USB Ports

BigBlue Solar Portable Charger

If you’re wondering which is the best portable solar panel on the market, many users will answer without hesitation: the BigBlue B401. Indeed, this model has some of the most interesting features that allow it to claim this title.
In terms of functionality, it has two operational USB ports that can be used at the same time. This is handy if you have more than one device to charge on the panel. It is also appreciated by users for its near-universal compatibility. It can accommodate various brands and types of equipment as long as they have a USB input.
This device when folded is 28.2*16*3.4 cm in length, width, and height. In total, it weighs only 595g. So it’s easy to carry it in a backpack or hiking bag on the go. You will tackle climbs and treks without getting tired or overloaded.
  • Two USB ports: With these two USB inputs, you can connect two peripherals simultaneously. Obviously, the resulting voltages of these two ports are equal.
  • Enhanced compatibility: This equipment is capable of connecting to many electronic devices, whether smartphones, tablets or mp3 players.
  • Requires optimal radiation: users say you will need to expose it to direct sunlight to get the best performance from this equipment. Indeed, it is less effective at the slightest obstacle.

2. Eco-Worthy Solar Panel 12 V

Eco-Worthy Solar Panel 12 V

If you are among those who are wondering where to buy the best portable solar panel, we direct you here to a brand that has a reputation in the field. Eco-Worthy is a manufacturer and trader of solar panels that need no introduction.

This is a model of the brand that has been able to satisfy the majority of purchasers. It is especially solicited for the quality of its manufacturing material. Indeed, the aluminum frame is corrosion-proof while the cells designed to capture the light are provided with protection against climatic variations.

The housing at the rear of the equipment is particularly sealed against the effects of moisture or dust accumulation. The 100 W output power of this device offers you several possibilities for its use. It can be used for domestic or nomadic use by transforming it into a portable solar panel for motor homes. Also, the brackets ensure optimal stability.

  • Robust: the design of this model makes it extremely resistant. Equipped with an aluminum frame and cells fitted with a protective filter, this equipment can withstand the elements without the slightest worry.
  • Versatile: Thanks to its support system, this model can be placed in various locations. It can be used in a home, but also on the road, attached to the roof of your motor home or even on the roof of your boat.
  • Fragile supports: users say that the product’s foot mechanism looks fragile at first glance. When using it, you will have to handle them gently.

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3. Giaride Solar Panel Sunpower Flexible Cells

Giaride Solar Panel Sunpower

We are all looking for equipment that meets our needs. Giaride may not be the best brand of portable solar panels on the market, but its products are still renowned for their design and performance.

In this sense, the manufacturer’s reference is appreciated by users for its practical aesthetics. This model, capable of bending over an angle of 30°, easily adapts to any type of support. This multiplies the possible locations for it.

This specimen also has pre-drilled holes on the sides so that you can easily adjust the fastening systems. All you have to do is choose between grommets, adhesive or velcro to hold it in place.

  • Flexible: The designers have designed this equipment to easily bend to the constraints of its location. Its installation is facilitated by its ability to bend over an angle of 30°.
  • Easy to install: the panel has perforations into which you just have to insert the various possible fasteners. If you need to compare it with the other specimens in our selection, it is the only one to offer several installation modes. Many consumers consider it to be the best in this field.
  • Need for support: if you want optimum efficiency from your equipment, make sure you add support, as cells tend to cool down quickly when laid flat on the floor.

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4. HQST Off-Grid Solar Panel 30W 12V

HQST Off-Grid Solar Panel

This model is intended for consumers who have decided to put a certain limit on their purchasing budgets. However, the performance and practicality of this inexpensive item from our selection is still there.

This specimen stands out above all for its removable battery. The battery can be detached so that you can use it anywhere. You just have to remove the element and to connect your devices to it for a more consequent saving of space in the car for example.

In terms of performance, this model is equipped with a 12 V electrical output. Durability in use is ensured by the robust, corrosion-resistant aluminum frame design.

  • Removable battery: this specimen is equipped with a spare battery that can be removed from the set and used at any time. Once recharged, it is directly operational and can be transported anywhere.
  • Robust design: this equipment is equipped with an aluminum frame that allows it to withstand intensive use (systematic changes of place and connections, use in the wilderness, and others).
  • Instructions unclear: Some users have complained that instructions are not clear.

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5. KingSolar 14W Folding Solar Panel

KingSolar 14W Folding Solar Panel

If you’re not yet sure which portable solar panel to choose to accompany you on your journey, Kingsolar could probably help you with this equipment. Above all, it can be folded to reduce your worries about clutter and make it easier to store in your bag.

This device also has the particularity of preserving the batteries of the connected devices. To ensure this functionality, the designers provided it with a voltage stabilizer. Above all, it prevents surges that can damage the connected specimens.

In terms of handling, this model does not require any special skills on your part. It is immediately operational as soon as you plug your device into the USB port.

  • Voltage stabilizer: with this innovative technology, output voltages are automatically regulated to prevent overheating and malfunction of connected devices.
  • Easy to use: this equipment is appreciated by users for its ease of use. There is no need to take complicated steps. Just connect your devices and you’re done.
  • Not suitable for completely discharged devices: users claim that this model is less efficient on devices with an empty battery.

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Buying Guide

Solar panels are not only intended to be installed on the roofs of houses. Indeed, there are portable models for people who are often on the move. These devices allow you to power your devices wherever you go. When purchasing this equipment, you need to consider size, power, and compatibility.


In this buying guide for the best portable solar panels, we advise you to consider the size of the equipment first. This is an essential characteristic that determines the ease of use. These devices are available in a variety of sizes depending on the product you choose. This gives you a wide choice of models to choose from, but it does not make the selection any easier.

For greater convenience when using these panels, it is better to opt for compact devices. This way, you will have no difficulty in transporting them. Besides, the equipment will not take up any space among your luggage.

If you’re still wondering where to buy a new portable solar panel, first find out about the measurements of the product you’re interested in. To find out this information, you will just have to look at the description of the item.


Once you’ve found the right size for your needs, it’s time to look at the power of the equipment. This is also a key consideration during the purchase process and answers your question on how to buy a more cost-effective portable solar panel. Indeed, you must carefully choose this parameter to optimize the use of the equipment.

The portable solar panels sold on the market have different power ratings. If you need to power devices that require a lot of energy, choose powerful panels. That way, you can continue to use them even if there is no electricity in the area where you are.

On the other hand, if the equipment you are going to use requires only a few Watts, there is no need to invest in high-performance equipment. All these tips will make it easier for you to find the product that meets your requirements.


Once you have gone through the above two characteristics, all that remains is to check the compatibility of the unit with the panel. To do this, first, check that the device you are using has a voltage expressed in Volts.

The voltage of the device should be less than or equal to that of the panel. At this point, you will not have any power supply problems.

However, if the voltage of the device is higher than that of the charger, in this case, you will not be able to power it. The only solution would be to purchase other compatible equipment. This step is important to ensure that the item you are about to purchase is suitable for your usage needs.

Once you’ve gone through these criteria, all that remains is to refer to price comparison. This is an essential process before deciding on the product to buy. By comparing the offers on the market, you can get a good deal and even save money.

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