10 Best Pellet Stoves of 2020

by Martin
Pellet Stove

There are several ways to warm your home during the winter. However, pellet stoves are particularly recommended for their efficiency, performance, and aesthetics. They are among the latest innovations on the market. If you decide to adopt this type of equipment, you will be able to considerably reduce your heating costs. Also, the use of this equipment has very little impact on the environment because of the types of fuel used to operate it.

However, you may still be wondering how to choose the best pellet stoves for 2020. In this case, we offer the Stampaggi 4 kW EVA for its ability to heat an area between 40 and 100 m³. You will appreciate its use because this device is also programmable. We also think that the pellet stove MCZ Star 2.0 Air may be suitable for you because of its efficiency. Moreover, it has obtained many certifications that prove its quality of manufacture.

Top 10 Best Pellet Stoves of 2020

1. EVA Stampaggi Pellet Stove Camilla Power

EVA Stampaggi Pellet stove

You may get lost in the various models that are available on the market. That’s why we took the time to choose this model from EVA. It has features that could meet your needs. With a power of 4 kW, this device is capable of heating a room from 40 to 100 m³. This parameter already demonstrates the efficiency of this equipment which will find its usefulness in your home during the winter period.

It is a cheap model, but it is nevertheless of high quality and reliable use. It consumes 1.1 kg of wood every hour. You will also notice that it is equipped with a thermostat that makes it work even harder. Its use is also very advantageous because it can be programmed according to your heating needs. Moreover, you will receive a remote control to make adjustments remotely.

This is a function that is not present on all appliances of this type. As far as space requirements are concerned, this device is 54.7 cm wide, 26.6 cm deep and 70 cm high. These factors show that it is a compact device that will take up little space. It has a drainpipe and is fed with pellets. And that’s not all since its use is simplified by the manufacturer. This stove requires very little maintenance for you to benefit from greater convenience of use.

  • Performance: The use of this device meets the requirements of buyers looking for the best brand of pellet stoves. Indeed, it is equipped with a consequent power which allows it to heat a large room.
  • Adapted use: This product, even if it is cheaper than others, is also very popular since it comes with a programming function. You are free to activate this system whenever you need it.
  • Convenience: By installing this equipment in your home, you will create a warm and friendly atmosphere. Plus, you don’t have to do extensive cleaning.
  • Fragile Accessory: Over the course of use, customers have noticed that the ashtray-burner placed in the stove deteriorated quite quickly.

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2. MCZ Star 2.0 Air Pellet Stove 8 kW

MCZ Star 2.0 Air Pellet stove

Equipped with a nominal output of 8 kW, this stove comes with an AIR system that allows it to spread the heat more quickly in the room. So you won’t have to wait long to feel the temperature rise. To optimize the versatility of this equipment, it is equipped with a patented ACTIVE+ system.

However, the device can be used with pellets of 6 and 8 mm in diameter. It also benefits from a high-quality design thanks to its compliance with NF EN 13 240 and CE standards.

To improve the efficiency of this equipment, it integrates a high sensitivity sensor. The latter can regulate the combustion so that it adapts to your requirements. Besides, the device comes with a reinforced convection system which allows it to warm the room pleasantly.

You should know that the device can be used to heat two different spaces. Indeed, you can direct the duct port to another room to spread the heat. The flames are also clearly visible through the large glass window.

Customers say that it is the best pellet stove, as it has a 25 kg tank that provides 13 to 40 hours of combustion after a full load. Besides, it is possible to access the settings using the remote control and connected devices such as smartphones and others. Despite its performance, the hot air fan of this equipment is particularly quiet.

  • Performance: This product may be right for you if you don’t know where to buy the best pellet stove while being sure of its performance in the field. Indeed, it combines the patented ACTIVE+ and AIR system. This combination guarantees the efficiency of this equipment.
  • Multifunctional: Combustion can be adjusted according to your needs thanks to the precision of its sensor. The device is also ideal for having the desired temperature in the room.
  • Innovative: The design of this stove meets today’s requirements, as it can be controlled from the connected devices.
  • Reduced mobility: Due to the weight of this stove, customers could not move it everywhere they wanted.

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3. Nemaxx P6 Fireplace Pellet Stove

Nemaxx P6 Fireplace Pellet stove

To determine which is the best pellet stove on the market, we offer you this black Nemaxx P6. It stands out from other products on the market for its high quality of fabrication. The manufacturer has chosen materials that guarantee the solidity of this stove. The manufacturer has followed a meticulous design process and numerous expert appraisals to optimize its reliability. Designed with a power of 6 kW, this equipment is suitable for parts between 60 and 120 m³.

This shows that it can be used to efficiently heat large rooms. This is the reason why this product is included in this review. But that’s not all, because this equipment comes with the “ECO” mode. This is a very ingenious system that saves on heating costs and at the same time protects the environment. To save time in the settings, you can program the heating for one week.

Also, daily adjustments can be made independently according to your real needs. Making the various settings is also simplified because this article comes with remote control and a multifunction screen. You will also have at your disposal a 7 kg pellet tank that offers a combustion time between 6 and 18 hours. To top it all off, you’ll enjoy completely safe operation with the safety thermostat and convection fan as well as the automatic shut-off system.

  • Quality: Purchasers find it to be the most efficient stove, as its manufacture has followed meticulous steps that reinforce its resistance to use. It is, therefore, a material that can be used for many years.
  • Economical: If you have a little time to compare this stove with others, you will see that its use reduces energy consumption.
  • Programmable: When you invest in this product, you will be able to set its daily operating time during the week.
  • Lid unstable: The lid was not well retained by the integrated support, therefore it fell regularly inside the hopper.

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4. Unbekannt Pellet Stove Interior 14

Unbekannt Pellet Stove

You might have doubts about the product you want to buy, as there are countless models on the market. Therefore, we recommend this Klimaworld Interior 14. It is a device that is designed for feeding with wood pellets. It has an integrated electronic system that controls the combustion of the pellets.

This model is preferred in this list since most of the heat from the pellet combustion is carried to the water, while a very small amount remains in the installation room. Thanks to this system, the heating capacity of this item is optimized to provide the heat you need. The pellet feed can also be regulated independently. The possibility of programming the operation of this equipment is a real advantage.

Please note that it is equipped with an automatic switch-on process and a weekly timer. However, you can set the on and off times to suit your requirements. As for its design, the manufacturer has combined a modern and classic style to satisfy everyone’s taste. You will notice that the flames are visible through the glass door used. It also includes a display that gives you access to the many settings present on this equipment.

  • Innovative: If this product has received many positive reviews, it is because the combustion can easily be controlled via its electronic system. In this way, you can control the operation of the stove.
  • Efficient: This pellet stove is also valued in this rating because it provides maximum heating capacity. It spreads the heat quickly to meet your needs.
  • Programmable: The use of this device allows you to regulate its operation according to your requirements. It is equipped with a timer and automatic ignition.
  • Not very detailed manual: Some of the clients had difficulty controlling this device because the instructions were not explicit enough.

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5. Interstoves Pack Interstoves Marina Pellet Stove

Interstoves Pack Interstoves

Choosing a pellet stove can be complicated, especially with the growing supply on the market. This is why it is recommended that you choose this product. It is an Italian-made product that is capable of heating a large room.

Being equipped with a horizontal terminal, it offers a high level of tightness that prevents smoke from being drawn into the combustion air supply. Due to its tightness, this equipment can be installed in any position depending on the layout of the chosen room.

If you take a moment to closely inspect this equipment, you may notice that the air intake at the terminal is properly protected. This ensures better system operation. This stove also provides the necessary rigidity during assembly thanks to the use of 60 mm diameter sockets. Also, all elements are equipped with safety flanges for increased reliability.

The comfort of use is favored to reduce all the constraints linked to the use of this stove. To this end, the manufacturer greatly facilitates the installation by providing detailed instructions. The remote control is also offered to allow you to control the unit without having to use the control panel. To go further, this stove can be used with the optional Wifi connectivity. This means that it can be controlled from a computer and Android enabled devices. Also, it is equipped with a large 25 kg fuel tank which ensures the autonomy of approximately 2 days.

  • Reliability: The operating power of this stove allows it to efficiently heat a large space. Also, it is tight enough to guarantee optimal smoke evacuation.
  • Quality: The terminal air intake has good protection, moreover the sockets are 60 mm and the elements have flanges to ensure maximum operation.
  • Connected: With the optional Wifi connectivity, you can control the device remotely with the possibility to enjoy 7-day programming.
  • Complex Wifi usage: Despite the fact that the manufacturer provides well-specified information about the product, the installation is quite complicated for those who are not familiar with the new technology.

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6. Invicta 618997BORD Wood and Coal Frying Pan

Invicta 618997BORD Wood and Coal Frying Pan

To save you time, we select this Invicta 618997BORD for you. Indeed, this equipment has features that could eventually suit you. For starters, you should know that this equipment has a minimum and maximum output power of 3.5 to 7 KW. These parameters show that its use is suitable for large rooms. You will notice that the heat from the unit spreads quite quickly.

You will therefore not have to wait very long before you feel the heat in the room in which you have installed the stove. You have a device here that runs on wood and coal. These are the raw materials that are needed to raise the temperature. In any case, you should be aware that this is a low-energy item. This is why it is particularly recommended to customers.

You won’t be disappointed with the design either, as the manufacturer has focused on the modern look of this device. That said, it will have no problem fitting into a home with contemporary decor. As far as the dimensions are concerned, you won’t have to give it a lot of space, as its measurements are reduced despite its performance. It also has a glass front through which you can watch the flames. This design brings a certain touch of romance to the room.

  • Performance: This equipment is designed with satisfactory power to heat a large room. That said, you won’t be cold during the winter if you decide to adopt this equipment.
  • Speed: The heating speed of this stove has seduced customers who have tested it to evaluate its efficiency.
  • Design: It is a device that benefits from a stylish design to harmonize well with the decoration of the room.
  • Lack of instruction: Some of the buyers did not understand the instructions with the device they had received.

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7. Invicta Pellet Stove Sofia

Invicta Pellet Stove Sofia

Do you want to buy new equipment, but you don’t know which brand of a pellet stove is the best? Invicta has created an automatic and simple to use model. This appliance is ideal for people who would like to enjoy natural heating without the need to transport or store logs.
What’s more, everything is automated. Indeed, it can be controlled using a keypad on the front panel or with remote control. All you have to do is light the pellet stove, make the programming, then the adjustment and you’re done. When there are no more pellets in the firebox, the machine stops automatically.
If you are still unsure if this is the best pellet stove, you should know that it has fans to blow hot air into the house. This Invicta model has been specially designed to limit its noise level. It is also equipped with DM3 technology which guarantees economy and safety. This appliance has a power of between 2.5 and 5.5 kW and an efficiency greater than or equal to 80%. This makes it possible to create a warm atmosphere in an area of 28 to 60 m².
It also has an autonomy of up to 20 hours and the tank capacity is 25 liters. Also, this product makes a significant contribution to environmental protection. Indeed, it has a 5-star Green Flame environmental performance class and has a low CO2 emission rate of less than 0.04%.
  • Automatic: This Mirella pellet stove is equipped with an automatic system that can be managed using a keyboard or remote control. In addition, it can automatically detect if there are no more pellets in the machine.
  • Green Flame: It has the Green Flame label. This label guarantees the quality, efficiency and high environmental and energy performance of wood heating appliances.
  • Silencer: This model has been specially designed with a relatively low noise level. It is equipped with fans that blow hot air into the house.
  • Warranty: Invicta’s Mirella pellet stove is only guaranteed for 1 year.

8. Invicta Mesnil cast iron stove

Invicta Mesnil cast iron stove

Recommended for heating a 200 m3 room, this stove is one of the most sought-after models at present. Indeed, it offers a heating power of 8 kW which guarantees indoor comfort during the winter. The performance of this equipment is also reflected in its ability to heat the premises very quickly. From the very first minutes, you will feel the heat invade the whole room. So you don’t have to wait long to bring the room up to the right temperature.
The acquisition of this equipment can also satisfy you if you wish to use an economical stove to effectively limit your expenses. You should know that it has an efficiency of 77%. Also, the equipment is equipped with an adjustable secondary air system that protects the glass from soot and smoke. This process is also useful for optimizing the combustion of volatile materials.
If this stove is selected in this list, it is because it is a product of French origin and holds the “Label Origine France Garantie”. This parameter demonstrates its quality, which guarantees its safe use. That’s not all, because this product has obtained a “BimSchV” conformity. Also, the presence of the “Green Flame” symbol shows that the stove has a minimum emission value. All this indicates that this product has very little impact on the environment.
  • Efficiency: With this stove, you can quickly and efficiently heat a room of about 200 m3 against its 8 kW output.
  • Economical: This equipment is also built to control fuel consumption. This allows it to offer an efficiency of up to 77%.
  • Reliability: This is a product that can be purchased with complete confidence since it is made in France. Moreover, it stands out for its low emissions, which guarantees safer use for nature.
  • Annoying noise: Some of the users wonder why this stove makes a rather strange noise from time to time.

9. Palazzetti Eco Fire Camilla Pellet stove

Palazzetti Eco Fire Camilla Pellet stove

This Palazzetti pellet stove has a painted steel structure. The top, front inserts, and side hips are made of ceramic. These materials ensure good robustness and therefore a longer lifespan.
To know which model to choose, you have to base your choice on practicality. In the case of the Ecofire Camilla idro, there is an exclusive system that allows precise combustion control. This helps to achieve a profitable output and thus reduce consumption. This model also has a digital display with touch control. This makes it easy to adjust the unit. You won’t have any trouble programming it.
Equipped with a safety valve, a closed expansion tank, and an anti-fog valve, this Palazzetti pellet stove is very practical. Idro hermetic, it is considered the most efficient for passive houses that do not have air exhaust equipment.
  • Adjustable: Thanks to its special system, you will be able to adjust the combustion and therefore the heat according to your needs. This also allows you to reduce consumption.
  • Easy to set: With a digital display and touch control, this model is very easy to control. You will then have no trouble handling it.
  • Robust: The structure is made of varnished steel and the other elements are made of ceramic. This construction ensures good resistance, but also a long life span.
  • Heavy: With a weight of 195 kg, it can be transported by several people. It must be installed by at least three people.

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10. Wolfpack 22021238 Wood burning Stove

Wolfpack 22021238 Wood Stove

It is always advisable to compare products before buying them. The Wolfpack 22021238 is a cheap pellet stove made with a safety grate. This means that there is no risk of burning yourself when working nearby. It is equipped with an ash collector, allowing you to empty it easily.
The tube has a diameter of 100 mm. This is ideal for trouble-free maintenance. The vertical smoke outlet promises efficient evacuation. This means that there is no risk of choking when the fire is lit.
It has a variable output of 12, 14, 14.5 and 15 kW with an efficiency of 52 to 71%. It will then heat the room properly, without consuming too many pellets. Its design makes it an efficient pellet and wood stove. Indeed, it is made of steel sheet and cast iron, ensuring great resistance.
  • Safe: A protective grid has been placed around the structure to prevent people in the vicinity from accidentally burning themselves.
  • Discreet: It is also a silent pellet stove that has no electrical system. It makes as little noise as possible, which makes it pleasant to use.
  • Versatile: Thanks to its construction from sheet steel and cast iron, this silent pellet stove is perfectly suited for pellets and wood. So you can choose the fuel to suit your wishes.
  • Small opening: According to the test carried out by a few buyers, this article has rather limited access. Even being the cheapest on this list, this is a major drawback.

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Buying Guide

Choosing a product is not always easy, especially when the models offered have a modern and attractive appearance. This is often the case with newer pellet stoves. But you should know that apart from this aesthetic aspect, there are other more important features to consider in this buying guide for the best pellet stoves. This buying advice covers performance, appliance use, and stove standards.


Before comparing the different stove models with each other, first, define your heat requirements. The performance of your appliance will depend primarily on the size of the room in which you will be installing it. Therefore, do some calculations first, before trying to determine where to buy the best pellet stove.

The performance of the appliance must be calculated based on power and output. To define the appropriate power, use 1Kw per 1 m². This is for more or less insulated walls, but also with a height not exceeding 2m50. Besides, efficiency must be higher than 85%. Include all these conditions in your calculation to acquire the right radiator for your home.


This criterion encompasses several possibilities. Here the place where the device will be installed or how it will be used must be studied. Too many options will be useless in this respect, otherwise being deprived of the necessary controls will create frustration. Therefore, study the different manipulations you plan to do with your pellet stove.

First, measure its future location before you buy, and then choose the right size unit for that location. Then identify the options that are most important to you in the unit. In this sense, if you want to control the object remotely, choose models with such technologies. By referring to this data, it will be easier for you to know how to buy a pellet stove with a better price-quality ratio.


Like the majority of appliances on the market, wood stoves must also follow a few standards related to environmental friendliness and safety. It is important to remember that having a stove in your home is equivalent to being exposed to fire and burn hazards.

To invest in a good product and benefit from all its advantages, check that the stove has a label such as the Green Flame. That way you can be sure of its quality and your safety. These labels tell you that the volume of harmful gases produced by the appliance will be in small quantities, and the same applies to dust. Only after you have considered these details, you can move on to price comparison.

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