Best Pedestal Fans of 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

by Martin
Best Pedestal Fans

There’s nothing more refreshing than a fan that you can put as close to you as possible. That’s why pedestal fans were invented. They offer many advantages in addition to being effective against the summer heat. But you still need to know how to recognize the right fan that meets your expectations.

If you have trouble finding the best pedestal fan on the market, this buying guide will help you. Together, we will see a selection of the best products of the moment. Rowenta VU5640F0 is one of the standing fans we recommend. This model offers 25% more airflow compared to other similar products. Then there is the very quiet OneConcept Black Blizzard 2G RC. Despite its discreet motor, it offers great performance.

Top 5 Best Pedestal Fans of 2020

1. Rowenta VU5640F0 Turbo Silent Standing Fan

Rowenta VU5640F0 Turbo

This Rowenta fan boasts the best performance on the market. Its dimensions of 44 × 46 × 104.5 cm allow it to take up very little space in a room. The fan is equipped with 5 blades that guarantee optimal airflow. It has 4 speeds that can be accessed via the control panel and with the Turbo Boost function, a flow rate of up to 80 m3 per minute can be achieved.

It is easy to transport thanks to the handle it is equipped with. All the characteristics of a good fan are present in this model and it is no wonder that it is considered to be the best pedestal fan.

But the most fascinating thing is that with such a performance, the unit does not make any noise, this is made possible by the night silence function which limits the noise level of the fan to 45 dBA.

Rowenta VU5640F0 has a wide air spectrum up to 120ᵒ. Besides, if you want to distribute fresh air to a specific area, adjustments can be made to its positioning to direct the airflow. Its adjustable height makes it possible to further optimize this precision of air diffusion and the house will be even fresher.

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  • Enormous flow: This standing fan model can generate a flow rate of 80 m3 per minute. This is made possible by the Turbo Boost function which runs the unit at full capacity.
  • A wide air spectrum: It can sweep an angle of 120ᵒ when it oscillates, which considerably increases its air spectrum. Even if the room is large, the air is always refreshed.
  • A high price: It is logical that a product of this quality is not given away. But this cost is totally justified considering the quality of the device as well as its performance.


2. OneConcept Blizzard 2G RC Standing fan

OneConcept Blizzard 2G

When looking for a cheap standing fan, OneConcept Black Blizzard 2G RC is the one that best meets this criterion. And despite its affordability, it still has the best features that a fan can have. Its power of up to 50 W gives it a performance that allows it to cool the air in a more or less large room.

It is driven by a 41 cm 5-wing rotor, whose rotation can be adjusted to 3-speed levels with a switchable rotation function as a bonus. The fan head can be tilted from 20ᵒ to the horizontal and in terms of vertical mobility, it reaches 90ᵒ. This stand-mounted fan model also has interesting electronic innovations such as the Timer, which allows it to stop automatically in due course.

And you don’t have to be close to the unit to make adjustments since it has a remote control. It is a very good deal to buy this product knowing that it also comes with a mounting bracket as well as an instruction manual and is nevertheless a cheaper model.

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  • Affordable price: This model has an excellent quality/price ratio, it can do everything while it is useless to pay a large amount of money to acquire it. It fits perfectly into the household budget.
  • An available mounting bracket: This accessory is a great help because it simplifies the way you will use OneConcept 4260528643448. A manual is also provided to guide us.
  • Reduced vertical mobility: The vertical mobility of the fan only covers an angle of 90ᵒ or only twice 45ᵒ.


3. Lex Standing fan with oscillation function

Lex Standing fan

To know how to choose the best pedestal fans of 2020, some essential criteria have to be taken into account. Lex 3-speed and night light is a typical example of a fan that has the basic features to keep the atmosphere in the house always fresh and pleasant.

This model has a diameter of 40 cm and the air diffusion is provided by 3 impellers with a shape that optimizes the performance of the unit.

It is a fan with automatic oscillation, which guarantees an even distribution of the airflow in all corners of a room. The unit’s motor generates a power of 40W for 3-speed levels.

These 3 levels can be accessed via the control panel where the switch is also located. The angle of inclination of the fan is adjustable and to better adjust the unit, its height can also be varied, up to 130 cm.

This Unbekannt model has a rather classical design and is very discreet in a room thanks to its not too big size. No need to make complicated assemblies to make it work, just plug it in and the LED indicator will light up to confirm that everything is going smoothly. If you don’t yet know which standing fan to choose, this is one of the simplest models to effectively combat heatwaves.

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  • Automatic oscillation function: Lex can oscillate automatically to distribute fresh air to every corner of the room. The airflow will be felt no matter where you are, as long as the fan is also there.
  • Convenient height: This fan has the ideal height to properly distribute the fresh air. It is stable and offers an even distribution of the airflow for permanent freshness.
  • Classic design: It has no decorative features, it just performs its function as a fan and nothing else.


4. Trotec 1510005030 Floor-mounted fan TVE 15 S

Trotec 1510005030

It’s not easy to find the best standing fan on the market, but this model is one of the best on the market. Simple and efficient at the same time, it is a quiet pedestal fan that ensures a cool atmosphere, but also a peaceful serenity in the house. TROTEC TVE 15 S consumes very little energy with a power output of 40 W.

It has a very low noise level of no more than 57 dB(A). Ventilation is provided by 3 blades with a diameter of 40 cm. The angle of inclination of the device is 30ᵒ and its oscillation sweeps an angle of 80ᵒ. Also, this oscillation function is automatic but can be easily stopped when not needed.

This fan works with a current of 220-240 V/ 50 Hz. With its dimensions of 720 × 720 × 1220 mm, it is easy to find a place for it in a room. And for greater efficiency, its height is also adjustable between 105 and 122 cm. The device is easy to transport, weighing just 3 kg.

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  • Light: For its size, the weight of this unit offered by the best brand of standing fans is very practical. Weighing no more than 3 kg, it can be transported effortlessly, so it can be moved to different rooms without difficulty.
  • Silent: This Trotec model makes almost no noise when in operation. With a noise level of 57 dB, it is almost a silent device that causes no disturbance.
  • The reduced angle of oscillation: Equipped with an automatic oscillation function, it is limited since the oscillation angle is quite small.


5. Brandson Standing Fan

Brandson Stand Fan

When the temperature becomes unbearable in a room, a good fan will always be of great use. This model has all the essential features to prevent too much heat from taking place in the house. It is equipped with 3 aerodynamic blades that can rotate on 3-speed levels (slow/medium/fast). This speed can be adjusted as required using a remote control.

Brandson A301481x40 is a standing fan with remote control, a very handy model because you don’t need to move around to control it, especially since during high heat, moving around becomes a real chore. It has an activatable oscillation function sweeping an angle from 80ᵒ.

It works with a 220 – 240 V current and its power are 50 W, which shows a rather low energy consumption. The height of the fan is also adjustable, between 104 and 122 cm.

This item is very popular with customers because of the large airflow it can send out while the noise level remains correct at all times. It has an ideal size for an office, i.e. 24 × 42 × 122 cm. Its design is quite modern with an original color combination of black and blue. If you still want to compare models, don’t forget this one.

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  • Remote control available: It can be controlled remotely using the remote control. One less task because you don’t have to move to the unit when you want to make adjustments either.
  • Low power consumption: This is one of the biggest advantages of this product. It consumes very little energy while maintaining quality performance. It is an environmentally friendly fan.
  • 3-speed levels: Unfortunately, this Brandson model has only 3 settings (slow/medium/fast) for blade speed.

Buying Guide

Pedestal fans are classic fans with varying degrees of noise. They are also equipped with a safety grid, which allows air to circulate. They are especially appreciated for their power and have the particularity of working even outdoors, such as on terraces.


This buying guide for the Best Standing Fans will tell you the type and model of fan that will work for you. These units differ from the other models by their foot, which is adjustable in height. You can adjust yours according to your needs and at the same time use it in your home, from the bedroom to the living room, in an office or even a commercial premises.

Being a device that is used regularly and even several hours a day, the floor-mounted fan can also be equipped with a timer, which is ideal for programming the operating periods without the user having to intervene. Also, the new models have Wifi functionalities. These include the connected models, which also allow the user to control them even from a distance.

A fan is best known for its ability to provide a pleasant temperature. Its role is to provide you with fresh air in a room and to cool the ambient air during the summer period. Useful in summer as well as in winter, the standing fan is also a high-performance fan.

Other models of floor-mounted fans with a mister option provide a small amount of moisture. This will be very beneficial during the hottest days of the year. Its purifying role allows you to get rid of polluted air and certain allergens while providing you with fresh air. To this end, most models of this type of fan with purifiers may be equipped with filters.

The main difference between a floor-mounted fan and a stand-mounted fan is the air it produces. The air is circulated by the rotation system of its blade. This gives you a feeling of unlimited coolness on hot summer days. Also, ventilating your home allows you to have healthy air both during the day and at night. This helps you to better withstand the heat.


How to buy a better price/quality ratio pedestal fan will no longer be the question that torments you, considering the performance, power, and operation of this unit. Very useful during hot periods or heat waves, this unit is the perfect equipment to cool a living or working room.

Where to buy a new standing fan should be your priority if you do not want to use an air conditioner under any circumstances. After all, it’s a real way of fighting the heat. Through this guide, you will also be able to access a price comparison, which will help you to choose the right unit according to your budget.

Note that the airflow rate for this type of appliance is measured in m3/minute. Thus, expert advice for the air flow rate of the standing fan reveals an average power of 20 m3/minute. Indeed, this is enough to cool you down. However, to ventilate an entire room, you should choose a minimum air flow rate of 100 to 150 m3/minute. The airflow rate can be as high as 300 m3/minute.

The standing fan is also available in many sizes, depending on the room where it will be installed and what you expect from the unit. Small or large rooms come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your home. The most common diameter for a pedestal fan is 40 cm. But there are also more compact fans with a diameter of 25 cm or others with a diameter of 60 cm.

Ease of Use

Although the standing fan is a well-known and popular device for cooling a room, it can also be used to better ventilate outdoors. It is a mobile device that can follow you in different rooms of your home. Perfect for simple and pleasant use, this type of fan can make a total rotation of 360°.

Thus, the device can also help you to better sweep the entire room at all times. The best thing about this standing fan is that it can be installed anywhere, as it is portable and can be moved from one place to another. At the same time, it does not require any support.

This type of fan may also be equipped with remote control at the time of purchase. This accessory allows you, among other things, to adjust and regulate the airflow as well as the oscillation and shutdown of your fan remotely.

Blades and Cables

Before purchasing a pedestal fan, the first characteristic to study is the airflow of a fan. This is, among other things, the flow rate that guarantees the cooling of the air. A standing fan can also offer its user an airflow that depends on its blades.

Therefore, it must be installed in such a way as to supply air in the desired direction. The wider they are, the fresher the air will be, even from a distance. In short, the more powerful the fan is, the fresher it provides. However, it should be noted that the most efficient standing fan has a power of 55 to 60 Watts and an ultra-wide airflow.

It is also crucial to take into account the length of the cables of this unit. Generally speaking, the length of the power cable is around 180 cm long. Please remember to check this detail, as the mobility of the device will also depend on this.

The floor-mounted fan is also very economical in terms of energy consumption. Please note that the power consumption of the fan increases with the speed at which it is used.

Its choice is made according to the size of the room to be cooled, but also according to the number of people in the household. However, it should be stressed that a pedestal fan is perfect for large spaces because it can ventilate a large area through a very wide airflow.

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