Best Organic Essential Oils of 2020

by Martin
Organic Essential Oils

Finding the best organic essential oil is not easy. And the ever-increasing number of sellers does not make it any easier. You have to compare several items to make sure you have a good quality product. For those who don’t know the criteria for choosing, this buying guide will be a great help. You will find all the information you need to find the most efficient one.

We have included advice, but also a classification of the most popular oils currently in use. However, if you don’t have enough time to read from beginning to end, here are the two articles that received the best reviews of the moment: Revelessence 10 ml comes in a pack to treat various ailments. The Tea Tree is an effective anti-infective and antiviral to treat itself. So you already have a small idea about the product to buy.

Top 3 Best Organic Essential Oils of 2020

1. Revelessence Essential Oils Bio Pack

Revelessence Essential Oils

This product is offered in a pack. You can find 5 different vials, including peppermint, lavender, sweet orange, tea tree, and niaouli. Each of these oils has its specific properties, some of which are calming, stimulating, detoxifying and some of which are beneficial to the skin.

They have been placed in a bottle made of amber glass. Thanks to the design of the small bottle, the oils are protected from UV rays, as well as from rancidity. This prevents the contents from losing content or quality.

As this type of product is consumed by drop, a codigrip system allows for efficient dosing of each dose.

Many people still ask the question: where to buy the best organic essential oil? We recommend making a comparison of the items on offer by store. You will then know more easily in which shop to buy.

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  • Multi-treatment: Since 5 different oils are included in this package, they each have their properties. Peppermint detoxifies, niaouli affects skin health, lavender relaxes, sweet orange is a calming agent and tea tree helps fight winter ailments.
  • Reliable: These products are certified by Ecocert. They come from organic farming and have followed the EOBBD manufacturing method.
  • Quality to be reviewed: According to the test carried out by some buyers, some oils, such as orange, have a pleasant smell only at the beginning. But after a few uses, they smell much less strong.


2. Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil

Made from the essence of a tea tree, this product stands out for its anti-infectious properties. This oil acts as an antiviral and antiseptic while helping digestion. If you are wondering which organic essential oil to choose to eliminate bacteria on small wounds or to fight indigestion, this oil is recommended.

It also offers a blended fragrance. You will smell a camphorated, woody and earthy, but also lemony scent. Thanks to its pleasant scent, it can be used as a food flavoring. You can use it for drinks, sweets and other recipes.

It is important to know how to choose the best organic essential oils of 2020. To do this, you need to focus on the origin of the product. Tea Tree Essential & Vegetable Oils comes from organic farming and is 100% natural.

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  • Multiple uses: You can use it to prevent the proliferation of bacteria by applying it to a small wound or pimple. This essence will also allow you to flavor some food preparations, such as sorbets. It is also ideal for mosquito control.
  • Good quality: This cheap oil has been certified ECOCERT and comes from organic farming FR-BIO 01. Moreover, it is defined as EOBBD. You can, therefore, be sure of its purity and its organic production.
  • Weak perfume: According to some comments left by consumers, the smell of this organic essential oil is not strong enough.


3. Skymore Essential Oils

Skymore Essential Oils

To know which is the best organic essential oil on the market, you have to base yourself on its benefits. Being delivered in a pack, the Skymore 6 x 10 ml offers a different contribution to each vial.

So you can find lemon that stimulates vitality, antibacterial tea tree, air-purifying eucalyptus, anti-migraine mint, anti-stress orange and lavender that improves the quality of sleep.

As a result, their use is varied. These oils can be used to create a relaxed atmosphere by using them with a diffuser or humidifier. They are also ideal for aromatherapy, as they help balance the mind and body.

And by diluting them in base oil, shampoos and other products, you can apply them for massage, hair washing and much more.

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  • Different essences: The Skymore 6 x 10 ml is sold in a pack, with different products offered in the package. You can find essential oils of orange, eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender, lemon, and mint.
  • Multi-use: Each bottle can be used in many fields. For example, you can use it for relaxing moments, pour it into the humidifier tank, add it to your shampoo and more.
  • Made in China: Many buyers complain that the origin of this product is not very reliable. Indeed, they say that these bottles have skipped some quality controls.

Buying Guide

Where to buy a new organic essential oil? This question remains a real headache to which many consumers wish to find a conclusive answer. To escape the embarrassment of choice with the multitude of models proposed by the salesmen, you can consult a price comparison. Hasty decisions should be avoided. It is better to take into account each parameter of the product before any acquisition.


The choice of the bottle of your essential oil is important to be neglected. This is the reason why we decided to mention this crucial detail in our buying guide for the best organic essential oils.

The market currently offers organic essential oils of 5 ml, 10 ml, 30 ml, 60 ml, and 100 ml. Select the ingredient according to the number of people who will use it daily. It is useless to take a 60 ml bottle if you live alone, 10 ml will be more than enough. On the other hand, an aromatherapy professional will not hesitate to opt for a 100 ml bottle.

Don’t forget that you must respect the dosage of your product for it to be effective.


As long as you have not yet understood how to buy an organic essential oil at a better value for money, it is best to follow the advice of a specialist. But you shouldn’t neglect his type either. To do this, you must know how to decipher the scientific names of each article. These are normally mentioned on the label. For example, rosemary is called Rosmarinus officinalis.

Look for organically labeled specimens, as they have been grown under good conditions. You can also rely on chemotype essential oils that are 100% pure and natural or H.E.B.B.D.

But you must also define the model you need according to its usefulness and your needs.


Since it is a product coveted by a large number of consumers, finding the rare pearl will not always be easy. To make things easier for you, you should never leave its origin.

The world’s number one producer of essential oils is none other than Brazil with its considerable volume of 50,000 tonnes. The essential oil is extracted from the skin of the tangerine and sweet orange by cold pressing before being marketed. Most of the lavender models are grown in France. This country is also one of the leaders in this sector.

Besides, India is beginning to dominate the market for mint specimens, which generally grows north of Delhi.


The fragrance by the organic essential oil is one of the most important details to consider when purchasing it. Indeed, its ability to refresh your home or the place where you intend to place it depends on this parameter.

It is often wise to opt for products with a pleasant and sweet scent so that you can better enjoy their benefits. Items with too strong or pungent fragrances should be banned, especially for people with sensitive olfactory sensitivities. They may catch a cold or have other reactions with them.

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