Best Incense Sticks of 2020

by Martin
Incense Sticks

Many people speak of magical virtues when it comes to incense. Its fragrance is recognized to have a beneficial impact on our health, and even on our emotions. To be able to enjoy it, however, you must have an incense stick. But how can you do this since it may be your first purchase? Simply make sure to check the number of sticks in the packet, the smell, and the aesthetic aspect before choosing your favorite on the market.

To give you a little idea, we have listed a selection of the best products of the moment including the Zam Zam International Patchouli Fragrances. The latter comes in the form of a high-quality batch and is differentiated by its long burning time.

Each of the sticks it offers has been made with the combination of several essential oils that remain fresh when used. The Satya Nag Champa may also be suitable for you if you wish to buy products from a recognized brand. The packet contains various fragrances such as Karma, Opium, Om Shanti and others.

The 3 Best Incense Sticks of 2020

1. Zam Zam International Fragrances 50 long burning incense sticks

Zam Zam International Fragrances 50 long burning incense sticks

When it comes to your first purchase of this kind, you will inevitably find it hard to decide how to choose the best incense sticks for 2020. This is why we draw your attention to this product. Here you have a pack of 50 sticks that will please you with their fragrances of plants, woods, and patchouli.

This purchase is interesting because you will receive a large number of sticks that will serve you for a long time. And that’s not all, because the quality of the manufacturing is felt from the first use. Indeed, they are flavored by hand and the designer has used aluminum in the packaging to keep the sticks fresh.

During use, you will notice that these articles are very different thanks to their long combustion. You should know that the burning is very slow because each incense stick continues to burn and smell good for a good hour. The perfume that comes out is very pleasant to optimize the moments of well-being.

  • Quantity: Which incense stick to choose to be sure to enjoy a long fragrance? This model is the answer to this question since it contains a total of 50 pieces of sticks that can each burn incense for an hour.
  • Quality: This item is included in this classification for its quality of manufacture and its freshness thanks to the aluminum packaging. Also, the sticks burn slowly and all the way through to be used as an air freshener or perfume in your home.
  • Packaging: Most of the buyers’ opinions were very positive about this product. However, they reported that the packaging was not strong enough to prevent the sticks from getting lost in storage.

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2. Satya Nag Champa Om Shanti incense set B 12×15 g

Satya Nag Champa Om Shanti incense set

To find out which is the best incense stick on the market, you will have to go through the best products at the moment and compare their characteristics. If you don’t have the time, then consider this product from a brand that is very well known worldwide. This is already proof of the reliability of this product that you can use without fear.

If these sticks are favored in this comparison, it is because of their authenticity. They have nothing to do with the sticks you will find on the market. Given the quality of their manufacture, they emit astonishing aromas that quickly perfume the place. The fragrances diffuse themselves correctly and persist for a long time.

The brand offers a batch of 12 fragrances namely Positive Vibes, Opium, Karma, Om Shanti, Nag Champa, Traditional Ayurveda, Spiritual Healing, Super Hit, Oodh, Namaste, Champa, and Reiki. The purchase of this product is a good way to diversify the scents of your interior according to your needs.

  • Reliable: Users believe that Natya is the best brand of incense sticks, as it has a worldwide reputation. Moreover, the products it makes available to customers are authentic and this batch confirms this very well.
  • Effectiveness: The sticks emit soft and pleasant scents that last for a long time before disappearing completely. Moreover, you will have a choice between 12 very distinct fragrances. That’s why its users qualify it as the most effective of the moment.
  • Quantity: This is a very interesting purchase, according to the buyers who made a point of comparing it, because of the number of sticks included in the package.
  • Powerful smell: Some users found the smoke from the sticks too strong and couldn’t stay in the room for long.

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3. HEM 100 White Sage Incense Sticks

HEM 100 White Sage Incense Sticks

If you are having trouble finding a product that is cheap but fits your needs, then just turn to this one. This item is presented in the form of 5 sachets of 20 sage incense sticks each. That said, you will receive a total of 100 sticks which will keep you stocked for a long period.

Despite the price of this model, the quality is good. Indeed, the sticks light without any difficulty. That’s not all because they burn slowly. As a result, the smell lingers long enough in the room. And the scent is a source of well-being and relaxation for everyone in the room.

The use of these products is a good way to purify your interior without using harmful substances. Also, white sage is often used in traditional medicine to treat many illnesses.

  • Quantity: Many buyers still get lost on where to buy the best incense stick, without having to go broke. This model has made them happy because it contains a total of 100 sticks. Also, this model is cheaper compared to other models in its category.
  • Quality: The effectiveness of this incense has seduced buyers who were able to test it. Indeed, the calcination is slow. Moreover, the fragrance is very pleasant and persists for a long time.
  • Powerful smell: Only a few users say that the sage scent was not the one they were familiar with as it was too strong, even pungent.

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Buying Guide

To find out how to buy incense sticks at a better price-quality ratio, you need to refer to a few selection criteria. This is why we thought of making you a buying guide for the best incense sticks. It will help you to make a good choice and not to make a mistake even if it seems rather banal as an object.

Number of sticks in the packet

Before you even consider where to buy new incense sticks, you need to determine how often you use them. If it’s not very often, it’s best to buy a small packet that doesn’t contain many sticks. This is one of the tips we have to offer you.

Incense sticks can quickly become useless with humidity. So it would be more sensible to buy a packet of ten sticks each time and enjoy them on special occasions.

However, if you like the smell they leave in the house and want to use them daily, a larger pack of more than 50 sticks would be more profitable. Also, if you have a large house that requires more than one stick to be filled with this pleasant smell, you should opt for larger packs.

Be aware that the more sticks in a packet, the more profitable it will be. Just go to a price comparison to see the difference between the incense stick in a pack of 10 compared to a pack of 50.

Smell of Incense

Having a large package is a good thing, but you still have to have a smell you like to avoid having to put it in the trash. You have a wide range of choices for that. Indeed, you can practically have the smell you want when it comes to incense sticks.

The smell is also what will bring a specific atmosphere to the house. If you want something romantic, you can opt for the scent of red fruits or passion fruit. For a more zen atmosphere, you can opt for the smell of vanilla for example.

Otherwise, you can find much more exotic smells. Just smell the incense even when it’s not lit to know what smell you’re going to get, amplified of course.

Aesthetic Aspect

If you want to complete the atmosphere, the incense stick has to be beautiful to see. Indeed, not all models are as discreet as that. Some are rather imposing. It can even become a decorative object if you want.

You can find very pretty models that you can proudly display in your living room. You can find some in worked and engraved wood. It’s a bit of a shame to see them burn out, but it’s still better than the thin rod you’re used to.

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