Best Floor Pillows of 2020

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Best Floor Pillows

Whether you use it to decorate your room or to sit on it, the choice of a new floor pillow should be based on three main points: the comfort of use, ease of maintenance and the size and look of the equipment. If you need to buy a new floor pillow but don’t know how to proceed, we invite you to take a closer look at the two products below.

The BIG BAG 110×110 cm Cushioneo BIG BAG 110×110 cm is quite capable of adapting to all styles of interior decoration, but it also provides great comfort, especially thanks to its dimensions. It is a product that can be used as a footstool or relaxation cushion. On the other hand, Enjoy Home cotton is a good quality product. It is both firm and soft enough to give you more comfort.

Top 5 Best Floor Pillows of 2020

There’s nothing better than a cushion to sit or lean on. This indispensable object for the bedroom, the living room and many other types of use become an essential element in the world of decoration. To help you choose the best floor pillows for your needs, we have prepared a product comparison of excellent qualities for you.

1. Coussineo Giant Cushion Outdoor and Indoor comfort

Coussineo Giant Cushion

In the large family of pillows, there are giant models. If you are in doubt about how to choose the best floor pillows of 2020, follow our team through this description.

Coussineo offers just such cushions, intended for both indoor and outdoor use, ideal for laying on. Some people even use it by the pool. Cut to XXL, this product forms a square of 110 cm x 110 cm. Available in several colors, blue, anthracite, pink, taupe and green, it is entirely made of polyester.

This large, inexpensive floor pillow contains fireproof microbeads contained in an inner cover. It is entirely hand washable, so it is best not to use a washing machine. This way, you can clean separately from these covers.

To make drying easier, there is a ring in the corner of the cushion. The size of the ring makes it possible to use it in a variety of ways, such as a footstool, horizontal and many other positions. Its imposing size also corresponds to its weight, making it 5 kg.

Finding the best brand of floor pillows on the market is sometimes a problem. Although there are several models available, it is important to choose an item that offers both comfort and design. The BIG BAG 110×110 cm BIG CUSHION CUSHION BAG 110×110 cm is very popular with consumers and meets all the criteria for choice.

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  • Size XXL: Its dimensions of 110 x 110 cm offer maximum resting space.
  • Easy care: This pillow comes with an outer cover. This makes it easy to clean.
  • Easy to dry: To make it easier for you, this floor cushion has a ring on the corner to hang it up after washing.
  • Does not machine wash: It is strongly recommended not to put it in the machine for washing.


2. Enjoy Home Floor Cushion with handle

Enjoy Home Floor cushion

Which is the best floor pillow on the market? Enjoying your home in the best possible way is the credo of Enjoy Home, which answers this question. This company specialized in interior decoration offers various types of cheap items that may be of interest to you.

When it comes to cushions, we have opted for the model with a handle. This product is entirely made of cotton and is available in about ten colors, from brighter to soberer.

Weighing a little less than 2 kg, more exactly 1.8 kg, this extra-firm cushion is square, measuring 50 cm by 50 and 10 cm high. It can be washed by hand and can also be washed in the washing machine. You can also use a brush for regular maintenance.

With its weight, it is rather dense and is ideal for outdoor use, in your garden or under a terrace. On the ground or on furniture and no matter what your weight, you will not only sag but also enjoy optimal comfort. Some people even use it for their pets.

Comfort in a home is seen in the details. Having a good floor pillow will make you feel comfortable in your home. But you still need to know where to buy the best floor pillow. Placed at the top of the sales list on many sites, the Enjoy Home Coton will meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

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  • Extra-firm: This model is made entirely of cotton to provide a consistent and comfortable seat.
  • Easy cleaning: It is possible to wash this floor cushion by hand. But you can also put it in the washing machine. You can also dust it regularly by brushing it with a brush.
  • Outdoor use: This specimen is recommended for indoor use, but can also be used in the garden or on the terrace.
  • Fragile buttons: The buttons on this model can be removed quite easily. It is therefore important to take care of them so as not to damage the design of the cushion.


3. T 50 x 50 cm

dkdo Filled Floor Cushion

For a garnished item such as a pasta dish, there is nothing better than a dkdo product with this imposing 50 cm x 50 cm model. Made from cotton, it will be a highlight in your living room, bedroom and many other corners of the house, on the floor or the sofa.

Choose your color from a number of rainbow variations. With a thickness of about 11 cm, the comfort is there for you to rest. Compact, the fabric is very thick and the stitching is meticulously done, with no protruding thread.

Note that the natural model mixes both white and brown. While the ecru is more of an off-white with a touch of brown and green. For the beige, you will have to consider white sprinkled with yellow and brown hair, but rather turned to light.

These colors mentioned above are the most delicate. Thanks to this product, your interior will have cozy decor and your sofa or floor will be enhanced. It will bring a different look and warmth to space, so don’t hesitate to buy it.

Due to a large number of similar products, it is sometimes difficult to determine which floor cushion to choose. If you don’t have specific criteria, you can simply rely on the opinions of other consumers. Among those who have received the best reviews, the dkdo 50 x 50 cm is in the top 5.

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  • Comfortable: With a thickness of 11 cm, this model guarantees a good seat. You will then feel perfectly at ease.
  • Elegant design: It has been manufactured in a cozy style, bringing a pleasant atmosphere to your home.
  • Solid stitching: A test has been carried out on this product to ensure that no threads are cut if it is pulled or if it is held by a large person.
  • Average size: With dimensions of 50 x 50 cm, it is only suitable for one person.


4. Beautissu Water Resistant Lounge Seat Cushion

Beautissu Water Resistant Lounge Seat Cushion

Beautissu is also part of our ranking of the best floor cushions of 2020. One of our favorites is a lounge pillow. Dedicated to both indoor and outdoor use, this waterproof product is perfect for your garden and balcony. So, whatever the weather, it resists everything and is available in sober colors.

This advantage is due to the material used for its production, which has the advantage of being dirt-repellent. Designed in Europe, the seams of this household equipment are firm and well-made. It is strongly advised to choose your cushion carefully to prevent the appearance of bedsores and this article is one of our favorites that can meet your needs.

The dimensions proposed are different according to the type of filling öle. Choose from floor cushions 60x60x10 cm, 50x50x10 cm and 70x70x10 cm. For the backrests, the sizes can be from 60x40x12 cm to 70x40x12 cm. The softness of the backrest and the seat provide you with optimal comfort.

This 60×60 floor pillow is ideal for relieving your coccyx and spine. Made entirely of polyester, the weight of the fabric is approximately 180 g/m² and the filling is made of polyurethane foam flakes. Despite its recommended outdoor use, it is best not to leave it outdoors indefinitely.

Looking at the classification of a product makes it easier to find the one that corresponds to your criteria. This saves you from comparing products with similar characteristics. The Beautissu Raincoat Grey is a model that has received a lot of praise.

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  • Impermeable: It has been adapted to be non-permeable to water. You can use it outside and leave it there without fear.
  • Anti-fouling construction: The material from which this cushion was made prevents it from having a neglected appearance.
  • Several sizes available: It is possible to order this model in different sizes.
  • Relaxing and restful: Its design is ideal for relaxing the coccyx or the spine.
  • Low padding: The swollen effect does not last very long because it is not filled properly.


5. Paris Price Floor Cushion Dorian 40x40cm

Paris Prix Floor Cushion

At Paris Prix, we have also found a pillow that might interest you, the design and quality are there. Available in a unique color, grey, it is entirely made of cotton, as is its filling. Weighing about 100 grams, very light and transportable everywhere, this 40×40 floor cushion is also 8 cm thick.

It is an excellent alternative as a pillow or backrest. If it is used frequently, the quality of the pillow will be affected. It will be used for your rehabilitation or therapy because of the comfort it provides. The cover can be washed by hand or by using a machine heated to 40°C.

Ideal in offices as well as at home outdoors, it is designed for the floor, but also for all kinds of furniture or facilities that can accommodate it, as long as you are comfortable. It has 4 anchor points thanks to buttons sewn in the middle.

It allows your buttocks to settle comfortably. The edges are also sewn to keep the padding firmly in place. Having an excellent quality-price ratio, it will perfectly match the density of your sofa, if needed. If you still have doubts about the model that suits you at the beginning of this description, your questions may disappear thanks to this article.

Finding the cheapest should not be a priority when buying a floor cushion. You should rather buy the best performing one to have a durable item. With the Paris Price Floor pillow, you can have these two criteria at the same time. This model is the most affordable on this list, without diminishing in quality.

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  • Comfortable: Made entirely of cotton, lining, and padding, it allows you to feel comfortable.
  • Easy care: It can be machine washed at 40°C or hand washed as you wish.
  • Handle available: It is easy to carry or dry thanks to a handle on the side.
  • Insufficient padding: The padding is not filled and therefore moves around quite often.

Buying Guide – How to choose a Good Floor Pillow?

A floor pillow is currently a very fashionable accessory. It gives a rather warm touch to the living room as well as to the bedroom in which it is placed. But on the other hand, it is quite difficult to find the best floor cushion to buy. This is why we suggest you read carefully our price comparator in which we present you with various devices to choose one without wasting time. There are three features that you should not overlook before making your purchase: its comfort, its ease of maintenance and its size and look.


It is quite obvious that the first thing you should check before buying a flooring product is its comfort. You will probably sit on it more often, so you might as well choose one that is more comfortable.

To do this, make sure that the material is soft to the touch. That way, you will feel comfortable when you sit on it. Prefer a cushion that has a very soft and comfortable material inside and a cover that is firm but soft to the touch and comfortable to sit on. So if you’re wondering how to buy a floor pillow with a better price/quality ratio, it depends on how comfortable it is for you.

So, don’t hesitate to test it by sitting on it while the store or the salesperson allows you to do so, because that way you will at least have an idea of the degree of comfort of the cushion in question. But it is also advisable to choose one that is made of non-allergenic and natural material such as cotton to avoid any risk of allergy and for more comfort.

Ease of Care

Where to buy a new floor cushion? The answer will depend on the comfort of the product, but also on how easy it is to care for. Indeed, the easier it is to clean, the better the quality of the cushion will be since it will save you a lot of effort and maintenance.

So for everyday use, it is preferable to buy a floor pillow that has a removable cover so that you can easily wash it to keep it clean. Those that also offer a way to wash it in the washing machine are also a better option, so you can clean it more quickly so you can reuse it.

Size and Look

Our buying guide for the best floor pillows also suggests you choose one according to its size or dimensions more precisely as well as according to its look.

Since the look of the cushion in question is not the first criterion you should take, it is obvious that you need a floor cushion that blends and adapts to the colors of the furniture and the room in which it is going to be placed.

However, it also depends on your taste, as there are several in different colors on the market. As far as size and dimensions are concerned, it is best to choose a floor pillow that is spacious and thick enough for you or your children to be comfortable with it.

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