Best Electric Water Heaters of 2020 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

by Martin
Electric Water Heaters

When winter is here, we try to keep warm as best we can. The use of a water heater is a must in these cases. But did you know that there are also models that provide you with hot water in just a few seconds? Magic, isn’t it? Imagine what such a device can do for you, especially if you’re short on time. But for you to enjoy the benefits of an instant water heater, you first need to find the ideal model that can meet your needs and desires.

In this guide, we review 5 models from different brands. For example, we have Desineo KGT, which is a high-performance model equipped with the single-phase system for greater safety. There is also Cointra COB5B, a water heater with a very pure style that will embellish your bathroom.

Top 5 Best Electric Water Heaters of 2020

1. Desineo Electric instant water heater KGT

Desineo Electric instant water heater

You may be wondering how to choose the best electric water heaters of 2020? To help you, we’ve put together a selection of the most reliable appliances in this category. All of them have received positive reviews from their users. This Desineo model runs on 5.5 KW in a single phase. Thanks to it, you get hot water in only 3 seconds.

With this product, no more worries about the development of bacteria and the appearance of tartar in the tank. Its electrical consumption is reduced compared to that of the cumulus. You can choose the temperature you need. The heating positions of the knurl vary between 30° and 50°.

To ensure ease of use, the brand has made sure to include pressure protection and a pressure reducer. To avoid unpleasant surprises, the model is also equipped with anti-scale protection. It is easy to install thanks to its user’s manual, wall mounting and dowel.

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  • Single-phase: Operation with this type of electrical current reduces the risk of short circuits when using this model.
  • Easy installation: The user manual of Desineo KGT is very clear. All the steps are explained to carry out the installation smoothly. Tips for use are also included.
  • Safe: The use of this product does not present any risks. It is equipped with several safety and protection systems, including one for pressure.
  • Power consumption: Although it reduces overall energy use, if you use it for showering, this model could increase your consumption.


2. Cointra COB5B Water Heater

Cointra COB5B Water Heater

If you’re looking for the best electric instant water heater on the market, choose the Cointra COB5B. It’s the best performing model in this ranking. To operate, it needs an electrical power of 8.9 KW. It is an ultra-safe gas water heater. There is no risk that your shower curtains will catch fire.

However, it is necessary to check the ventilation of the room to avoid that the flame extinguishes itself or, on the contrary, that it is too strong.

You no longer need to light your water heater in advance and wait hours for hot water. With the Cointra COB5B, the water heats up instantly. Another positive feature of this model is the fact that its battery automatically turns on.

No more making various adjustments before the shower, enjoy your hot water immediately. With its immaculate white color, this device will fit perfectly into the decor of your bathroom, in harmony with your sanitary facilities.

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  • Timer: This function is activated after 20 minutes. It allows you to do something else while waiting for the water to heat up. It will sound to warn you when the 20 minutes are up.
  • Design: Whether in size, color or overall appearance, this Cointra heater fits into basic bathroom styles.
  • Easy to use: You have only two buttons to manage when using this product.
  • Safety sensors: These are very sensitive. They cut off the gas supply when the air is unfavorable, even in a small draught.

3. Haobang Tankless instant water heater JSD12-S01

aobang Tankless Tankless instant water heater

If you’re about to buy a new plumbing fixture, why not treat yourself to the best electric water heater? This is a Haobang model. At first glance, it charmed the buyers. It has been fashioned with unparalleled elegance and modernity. It will easily fit into the heart of a bathroom with contemporary decor.

Easy to use, you can program it up to 20 minutes in advance. Its timer will let you know when your hot water is ready. Thanks to its overheating protection, you won’t risk getting burned in the shower or seeing the water heater caught fire. Fortunately, this product is made by the best brand of electric water heaters.

Several devices have been put in place to ensure that you will not run any risk when using this appliance. These include protection from accidental flames as well as high water pressure protection.

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  • Exterior appearance: Haobang Tankless JSD12-S01 has a contemporary design suitable for bathrooms with modern architecture. In addition to this, it exudes an elegance that is much appreciated by users.
  • Safety feature: Safety systems are integrated into this product to prevent accidents when using it.
  • Timer: You program this option when you need hot water and it sounds after 20 minutes, the time it takes to heat the water.
  • Additional Supplies: Not all installation parts are included in the package delivered with the purchase. This requires additional costs.


4. Ariston Electric water heater Evo R

Ariston 3100314 Electric water heater

Where to buy the best electric water heater? Where it’s cheapest, of course. For this, we have the right model for small budgets: the ARISTON Evo 3100314. Unlike its peers, this device is installed directly under the sink. With its 35 x 35 x 27 cm, its discretion is assured.

What’s more, you don’t have to replace your taps before you can enjoy the hot water. Simply get the power cable to connect it. To operate, this inexpensive water heater needs a 220-volt power supply with a power of 2 KW. Also, purchasing this item also means saving on electricity consumption.

This electric water heater storage can provide you with up to 10 liters for every minute of use. The water heats up after 20 minutes. This ARISTON device complies with EU standards. Every test carried out on this product has proved conclusive.

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  • Size: Thanks to its minimal dimensions, this model does not require a lot of space in your bathroom. Nor does it require complicated installation.
  • Easy to use: To work, this product is placed right at the bottom of your sink and is connected by a power supply. No replacement is required.
  • Reliable: It has been developed according to EU standards. This means that its entire operation is not in doubt.
  • Thermostat: Some users have experienced a problem with the thermostat. The thermostat has been stuck in eco mode, which reduces its usability.

5. Veito Blue S Three-phase instantaneous electric water heater

Veito Blue S Three-phase

Wondering which electric water heater to choose? If you’re a fan of high-end, state-of-the-art appliances, the answer is Veito Blue S. You won’t even need to compare it to other classified products, this one is one of a kind. It operates at 18 to 21 kW and 380 Volts with three-phase electric current.

So you only consume the energy you need when you use this device. The water heater provides 9 liters of hot water per minute. The outlet pressure is 10 bar. These characteristics are more than satisfactory for this type of appliance.

Class A, the Veito Blue S is also equipped with an overheating safety device. Neither the water nor the device can cause damage due to heat. Measuring 24.5 x 9.5 x 45 cm, the model does not take up any space. Besides, it is equipped with a display, where the water temperature is shown.

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  • Modern: Whether in terms of design or functionality, this electric water heater benefits from undeniable innovation. The temperature is displayed on a luminous screen so that you can have precision when making adjustments.
  • Economical: With three-phase current, the energy consumed by your electrical system corresponds only to that used by the water heater.
  • Protected: The Veito Blue S is equipped with several safety systems to prevent overheating and other possible accidents.
  • Three-phase: Three-phase current is economical but difficult to manage. There is a high risk of a short circuit in case of current instability.

Buying Guide

The use of instant electric water heaters is very efficient for the hot water supply of a house. Unlike conventional appliances, this type of water heater does not store water. This design eliminates heat loss and saves energy. When purchasing this appliance, it is necessary to consider design, power, ease of use and installation.


The design of the appliance is the first criterion you should consider in this buying guide for the best electric water heaters. The exterior appearance of the appliance is important because it is the first thing you see. It is important not to neglect this parameter during the purchase of this equipment.

The models offered on the market are designed with different sizes and also in different colors. You will have no difficulty in finding the model that meets your requirements. To make the right choice, it is best to opt for models that match the elements present in the room.

It is recommended to choose appliances that will easily adapt to the surroundings. As for color, it is best to choose a more discreet shade. If you follow all these tips to the letter, you will not be mistaken in your choice.


To help you know where to buy a new electric water heater, we advise you to find out about the power of the appliance. This is expressed in Watts and determines the capacity of the device you are interested in.

The power of these devices varies greatly. There is something for every need and budget. However, you will first need to determine the power required to heat the water you use daily. After that, you can more easily find the right device. If you live alone, a smaller model will do the trick.

However, a high-powered heater is required for a couple with several children. It is important to adapt this feature to your needs, otherwise, you may find yourself without hot water. By considering these criteria, you will finally have the answer to the question of how to buy an instant water heater with a better quality-price ratio.

Ease of Use and Installation

It is not enough to acquire a powerful device to make a successful purchase of this equipment. Ease of use must also be taken into account. During your research, try to find out how to use the device. This should not be too complex. Make sure that the handling of the device is accessible to everyone. This will make the water heater more comfortable to use.

That’s not all, because it is also preferable to opt for a device that is easy to install. You should be able to install the device without outside help. Plumbing experts are indeed involved in the installation of water heaters. But by using these experts, you will incur additional expenses.

Finally, all you have to do is consult a price comparison. This process will allow you to compare the cost and quality of the products to find the best electric water heater.

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