Best Electric (Heated) Blankets 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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Best Electric Blanket

In winter, a heating blanket is a real necessity. No more curling up under a ton of plaids to get a little warmth. We give you every reason to want to buy one. However, you should be warned. There is a wide variety of electric blankets on the market. And making a choice may be harder than you think.

There are many points to consider: the temperature range offered, the material, the size, the ease of maintenance and, above all, safety. According to some studies, the Beurer UB 86 has nine heating levels, which gives you a lot of freedom. It is also a soft blanket that is very pleasant to the touch. Vidabelle Electric Premium also enjoys good reviews. This model is soft and its temperature is adjustable on 6 levels.

Top 5 Best Heated Blankets of 2020

To make real savings in winter and enjoy some comfort, using an electric blanket is a good option. However, given the current choice that the market offers us in this regard, many people do not know how to choose the best heating blankets for 2020. Here is a selection that will help you make the right choice.

1. Beurer UB 86 Heating mattress topper 2-seater heated bed

Beurer UB 86 Heating mattress

Main advantage

Slim, soft and pleasant to the touch, the bed warmer Beurer UB 86 has 9 heating levels for maximum comfort.

Main disadvantage

The only small downside that the buyers of this bed warmer found was its size, which is not compatible with the size of some beds.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Despite this, the Beurer UB 86 bed warmer is still a quality product, practical with its two remote controls and powerful with its 9 heating levels.

Main features Explained

A comfortable bed warmer

With a length of 160 cm and a width of 150 cm, the Beurer UB 86 heating blanket covers a double bed perfectly. It is very comfortable and has a soft fleece top. This means that you won’t get irritated by the fabric when you move around in bed. The underside is also made of fleece. This material gives this model softness and suppleness and also makes it pleasant to touch.
Furthermore, once heated, the temperature levels reached by this model of the bed warmer do not cause allergies for sensitive people. This makes it usable for everyone, even those who suffer from these problems. Finally, the fabric is machine washable at a temperature not exceeding 30°C. This ease of washing makes it practical to use this bed warmer.


The practicality of a bed warmer is measured by its heating time, the temperature it emits and the areas where it can act. The Beurer UB 86 has independently adjustable temperature zones. These are located on the body and feet. There are four of them in all, each with nine temperature settings. You can vary the intensity of the temperature according to your needs. This is very useful for people who need more warmth, especially in winter.
The temperature in each zone is controlled by a removable unit. Also, the bed warmer is equipped with a remote control that allows you to pre-program the zones and the heating time in advance. This remote control also has an on/off button that makes it easy to turn the heater on and off.



With 2 x 60 watts of power, the Beurer UB 86 is in the category of the most powerful electric blankets. It has a relatively short heating time of approx. 15 minutes. This means you can enjoy a warm bed within minutes of getting into it. This model warms the feet, body and both sides of the bed independently. This allows you to control the temperature of different parts of your body while you sleep.
Besides, the remote controls on both sides of the bed have backlighting that makes them visible even in the dark. Finally, this bed warmer is equipped with a BSS safety system. If you have selected temperature levels 7, 8 and 9, these are automatically reset to 6 after 3 hours to ensure your safety.

2. Vidabelle Premium Ultra Soft Electric blanket heater

Vidabelle Premium Ultra Soft

This electric blanket has a plush fabric. It is a high-quality material characterized by its softness. Its contact with your skin is comfortable and non-aggressive. This model offers 6 temperature levels. In this way, you can adjust it according to your requirements and the current climatic condition. It adapts to the specific needs of each user.

The warmth offered helps you to relax to release tension in your muscles. It also allows you to stay warm during the winter. With dimensions of 130 x 180 cm, this article is wide enough to allow you to move freely even when covered. You can use it alone or in pairs.

It offers protection against overheating. When using it, there is no risk that it will burn you. Also, it can be switched off after three hours of operation to increase the safety of its use. The product is machine washable for use in a hygienic condition. Maintenance is carried out at 30°C and there is no effort required to perform it.

The choice of this type of article is essentially made considering both your comfort and your safety and this model combines these two aspects.

  • Soft material: This model has a plush fabric that makes it soft to the skin. It is comfortable to use as a blanket and this comfort is optimized by the warmth it releases.
  • Several temperature levels: The product allows you to choose between 6 temperature levels so that you can adjust it according to your particular needs for the current season.
  • Safety: The use of this item is safe thanks to the overheating protection system that comes with it and its ability to stop working after 3 hours of use.
  • Temperature difference not apparent: The heat difference obtained does not show an apparent difference when moving from one temperature level to another.

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3. Deuba Electrically heated blanket soft and washable

Deuba Electrically heated blanket

What is the best-heated blanket on the market that doesn’t cost a fortune? The obvious answer to this question is the Deuba Washable model. It is indeed a cheap electric blanket and yet it can guarantee you comfortable nights during autumn and winter nights.

It is a blanket for one person, made of a soft, light and healthy fabric because it breathes. Moreover, with this heated blanket, you will be entitled to 2 intensities of temperature, which is quite correct for its price and its 60W power. Remember also that this blanket goes through a washing machine without any problem and that, on top of that, it has this great ability to add value to any decoration!

The good news is that you can use this blanket as a simple plaid or to warm your bed a few hours before your bedtime. Despite its simplicity, it can help you save money on heating and, since it complies with current safety standards, you can sleep peacefully with it.

If the Deuba Washable heating blanket is in our ranking, it is because it is worthy of interest. So you can compare it with other models. It is also the cheapest blanket on our list.

  • Blanket made with breathable fabric: Thanks to the nature of the fabric of this blanket, you will be able to use it without fear of various allergies.
  • 2 heat intensities: Even if it’s just the essentials, you will still be able to enjoy all the comfort you need with the Deuba Washable model.
  • Easy-care blanket: This electric blanket is very easy to care for, you can put it in the washing machine without any problem.
  • Slow warm-up time: This heated blanket struggles to warm up and this can be a problem if you are in a hurry.
  • No timer system: Even if this blanket turns off automatically, it can still be dangerous because it has no timer system.

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4. Medisana HB 675 soft and cozy Warming blanket

Medisana HB 675

This XXL size electric blanket has a size of 200 cm x 150 cm. It offers users the opportunity to freely choose between four temperature levels to meet all needs. Its white or grey color is perfect for any interior design. The 120 Watt Turbo Heat function provides fast warm-up and comfort. To ensure your safety, the product is equipped with an overheating protection system. It also makes maintenance easier, as it has a removable plug. It is also washable.

Under the blanket, you will enjoy the soothing warmth. It will be your ideal companion throughout the cold season. It will also be there if you wish to relax for a few hours on your balcony during the cooler evenings. An instruction manual is provided to inform you of the correct way to use it.

Medisana HB 675 is also the key to your well-being. It relieves tension without neglecting your safety. It does not take long to heat up and switches off automatically after 180 minutes. So all you have to do is plug it in and slip under your blanket to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

  • Wellness and health: This model provides a feeling of well-being to the user. It even relieves possible tensions.
  • Automatic switch-off: The automatic switch-off system is activated after 180 minutes.
  • Safety: The blanket has a system to prevent overheating.
  • Easy to maintain: It is washable and its plug is removable, making it more than easy to clean.
  • Easy to use: A user manual is provided.
  • Adjustable: The model is adjustable to 4 temperature levels.
  • Sober design: White and grey colors may not appeal to decoration professionals.

5. Sanitas SHD 80 Electric Blanket

Sanitas SHD 80 Electric Blanket

Anyone who appreciates softness, simple things and warming blankets that do their job well will easily appreciate the Sanitas SHD 80 model. Indeed, its simple design allows it to be placed anywhere, but on top of that, it’s multi-functional.

First of all, you can use this electric blanket as a simple blanket, so you can use it anywhere in your home. What’s more, it protects you against various overheating. Secondly, you can also use this blanket as a mattress warmer, as it is the right size to effectively warm your sheets.

It is effective thanks to the fact that it has 6 heat settings. As for maintenance, it is easy to do, simply by removing the electrical parts and putting the cover in a washing machine.

Indeed, the Sanitas SHD 80 heated blanket is not the best on the market, but it is really good value for money. What’s more, it switches off automatically after 3 hours of use and has two power ratings: 100 and 110W. With it, you can expect to save energy.

Sanitas has been the best brand of heated blankets for years and even if the Sanitas SHD 80 model is at the bottom of our list, it is still interesting.

  • Its design is very nice: Thanks to its pleasant design, you can use it everywhere without being ashamed. Also, this blanket is very cozy.
  • 6 programming ranges: With these 6 temperature levels, you will be able to control this blanket easily.
  • The control panel is fragile: As time goes by, the control panel of this electric blanket becomes brittle and therefore, you need to handle it with great care.

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Buying Guide – How to choose a well-heated blanket?

According to studies, having a heated blanket in your home not only improves comfort but also reduces your energy bill. This explains why the heating blanket is so popular. So we’ve put together this buying guide for the best electric blankets so that you’ll know how to buy a blanket that’s better value for money.

Available options and safety features

The first features you will need to check are the available options and safety features.

For the available options, the main thing to do is to check the temperature levels that the heated blanket you are interested in an offer. The number of levels available varies from one model to another, but if you like to have a complete set of equipment in general, don’t hesitate to choose a model that offers several choices. On the other hand, if you only need a little heat, a simple heated blanket that can offer up to 3 temperature levels will suit you very well.

Check the electric blanket’s setting options anyway, as the temperature choice must be very easy to make, thanks to a device that everyone can handle.

As for the safety device, the main thing to check is whether the blanket can protect you from possible overheating accidents that could be dramatic. Some electric blankets stop automatically after a few hours and they are very practical for people who have an easy sleep or simply need to warm up a particular surface.

Once you’ve checked these criteria, you can continue your quest.

Size and Material of the blanket

Our next tips for making the right choice of the heated blanket are to choose the right size and material of the blanket.

The choice of size depends on you and the size of your bed. So choose a heated blanket if you use it primarily to cover yourself while reading a book outside. Consider a bed model if you only have one bed to heat and finally, choose a heated blanket if you have a double bed or if you just like large blankets.

Finally, concerning the material, choose natural materials if you have allergy problems. If you do not have this type of problem, you can choose the model that you like and that best suits your needs.

Maintenance and versatility

It’s a good idea to remember that a price comparison calculator will help you find the right store to buy a new electric blanket. However, before you make your final choice, you will need to check if the electric blanket is easy to maintain and still versatile.

To do this, check whether the blanket can go through the washing machine without any problem and be aware that a versatile heated blanket can also be used to heat various surfaces, in addition to being able to heat you entirely or only certain parts of your body.

How to use an Electric Blanket?

Who wouldn’t dream of spending the winter warm? Apart from the usual precautions linked to the use of air conditioning, you can also opt to buy a heated blanket. This type of equipment is currently very popular. This is due to their efficiency. However, it is still necessary to find out as much as possible about the arrangements to be considered for better handling of this technology.

Read the operating instructions carefully

This type of product is quite delicate to handle. This is because you will have to play with electricity to make it work. Therefore, before use, you must read and understand all the instructions in the manual that comes with your product. This is to avoid electrocution or overheating of your blanket.

Pay attention to the various safety measures

On the Beurer HD100, for example, you will have an indicator light to show that your coverage is switched on. This will help you to be more careful when handling it. Please also note that for all models, whether it is an Alpatec CC 162 or a Silentnight 378567EB, you should never bend your equipment when it is plugged in.

Installing your cover correctly

To ensure your safety, under no circumstances should you use this type of product like a mattress topper. Thus, as far as its installation is concerned, you will have to place it between two sheets. However, if yours are a little too thin, you can opt for ordinary duvets or blankets.

Plug-in your blanket

For convenience and practicality, it is still preferable to be close to the power source. This is so as not to obstruct your movements within your home. It is therefore not recommended to use an extension cord for this operation. When you feel the blanket getting warmer and the temperature is ideal, you can unplug it.

Adjusting the temperature

In most cases, you will have several temperature levels. On the Deuba Washable, for example, you can choose between two intensities. This will depend on your preferences and the environment of your bedroom. If you feel that the heat is getting a little too high, you can turn it down at any time. Avoid keeping it at its maximum.

Clean your blanket

Cleaning these types of products can sometimes get you into trouble. You are probably wondering whether or not these types of blankets can be washed. Well, they do. It will even be possible for some models to send it to the machine. However, doing this by hand will further guarantee the longevity of your item. Be sure to unplug the control unit from the blanket and do not put the blanket in contact with water.

As for the electric cable, you can maintain it with a detergent.

Storing your equipment

If you plan to store your blanket between uses, wait for the cover to cool before folding it. If you have just had your product washed, make sure that it is completely dry before storing it.

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