Best Dining Tables of 2020

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best dining tables

When you want to buy a new dining table, it is essential to know precisely what you want. Because the dining table is where the family gathers every day to share a meal, the shape of the table, the material from which it is made, and its size must be taken into account.

Do you want to buy a new dining table and choose the one that is best suited to your needs, but you don’t have time to read the shopping guide that we provide? Then we invite you to take a closer look at the two models below.

The vidaXL 241220 represents robustness and resistance. It is made of pine wood, which gives it a very long lifespan. It consists of a table and four chairs and is ideal for a small dining room. As an alternative, the Kavehome EC309PKL33 is a table appreciated for its size and its MDF table lacquered in matte white, which gives it a modern design.

Top 5 Best Dining Tables of 2020

Generally speaking, a high-quality dining table requires a little investment when the time comes to purchase it. Nevertheless, such an expense is well worth it, as it allows you to acquire a piece of furniture that combines practicality and elegance at the same time.

1. vidaXL Dining Table 4 Wooden Chairs

vidaXL Dining Table

Main advantage

This product gives you access to a dining table and four chairs at a time. You no longer need to purchase these types of furniture separately. They are made of natural wood and bring a warm touch to the room that welcomes them.

Main drawback

Some users do not appreciate the fact that there are several knots in the wood of the table and chairs they have received.

Verdict: 9.6/10

The dining table comes with chairs. This way, you won’t have to buy them in different places, and their design is in harmony. However, according to some users, the wood used has shown knots.

Main Features Explained


Dining tables can have a sophisticated design, and this suits the taste of some users. However, some people prefer models with simple lines, and if you are one of those people, then choose vidaXL 241220, which provides you with a table and four chairs. Their assembly is easy, and you get a simple but aesthetically pleasing result.

The natural color of the wood used provides a warm environment in the room where this furniture is installed. If you like to live in an atmosphere that offers this warmth, then you can find pleasure in choosing this model. It is easy to harmonize this design with different types of dining room decoration. Alternatively, you can also paint the set and adapt the chosen color to your needs.


vidaXL 241220 consists mainly of pine wood for the table and chairs. This material is strong enough so that you can use this item in good condition for a long time. After this furniture is delivered to you, you will not have to think about making a new investment shortly after you purchase it.

Besides, the robustness of these elements is essential as this feature makes for a stable product. Don’t be afraid to have your dishes and guests on the floor every time you use all of these products.

Also, the pieces that make up this set come with smooth plates. The maintenance of this component is accessible for use in a healthy condition. There is little effort required to use this table in a clean condition when it is easy to remove any dirt it may have retained.


The overall dimensions of the table indicate a length of 108 cm, a depth of 65 cm, and a height of 73 cm. These measurements show that it is a small piece of furniture that is suitable for low families. This article is not bulky and fits easily, even in a narrow space. Each leg measures 4 x 4 x 71.3 cm to support the table in good condition. You don’t have to worry about its stability.

As for the chairs, each one has dimensions equal to 41.5 x 45.5 x 86 cm. The backrest measures 42 cm in height. These pieces are the right size about the measurements of the table for comfortable use when you sit on it.

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2. Kave Home Table Extendable Oval

Kave Home Table

Kavehome EC309PKL33 is a model that can be extended. Its practicality is indicated by this feature because when more of you want to use it, it offers enough space. Otherwise, it does not take up much space. It is always able to meet your needs even if you have guests arriving unexpectedly.

Its oval shape emphasizes the convivial aspect of sharing a meal with family or friends. Its upper part is made of matt white lacquered MDF. The advantage of this material, also known as medium density fibreboard, lies in its aesthetics, quality, and ease of cleaning. Hence the ease of insertion of this piece of furniture in several varieties of decors.

The legs are made of varnished natural beech wood. This material is solid to ensure the stability of the whole item when you use it. Its aesthetics also support the ease of integration of this product in a kitchen or a given room. The length of this best dining table is adjustable from 160 to 260 cm so that it can freely accommodate your guests.

The EC309PKL33 from Kavehome, the best dining table brand, among many others, has a matt white lacquered MDF top table. The legs are made of varnished natural beech wood. It can reach a maximum length of 260 cm with a height of 74 cm. This type of dining table includes a bag to store the two extensions.

This is the model indicated to add a touch of simplicity but chic in your kitchen or dining room. Its installation won’t require much effort since you won’t need more than two people to set it up. This product is also very easy to maintain, as you will only need a damp cloth to clean it.

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  • Expandable board: Thanks to this design you optimize the use of your interior space. When you use the extensions, the table can accommodate up to 10 people.
  • Materials: The table is made of matt white lacquered MDF, and the legs are made of varnished natural beech. This combination ensures a touch of elegance in the room where the table is installed.
  • Large enough dimensions: When extended, it is 260 cm long, 100 cm wide, and 74 cm high.
  • Its storage bag: It is equipped with a bag to store the two extensions.
  • Simple design: This table has a simple yet chic design to blend in with any type of kitchen easily.
  • Easy to install: The installation of the table and extensions is straightforward and does not require much effort.
  • Easy to maintain: It is quite easy to clean because you only need to rub it with a damp cloth.
  • Design of the underside: One user reported that the extension rails are a little too visible, to his taste.


3. Steens Group Monaco Dining Room Table

Steens Group Monaco Dining Room Table

Steens Group 31740113 helps to know how to choose the best dining tables of 2020. This expandable product is suitable for families, but also people with frequent guests. This article is characterized by its high stability. It is comfortable to eat in a place where you are sure you won’t end up on the floor leaning on it. When it is stable, you can also place a large amount of food in it without fear that it will not support it.

This equipment is easy to maintain because you only have to clean it with a damp cloth to keep it clean. This maintenance involves a minimum of effort. Its dimensions include 204 cm long, 90 cm wide and 74.5 cm high. The space this model allows is wide to make each user feel comfortable while it is not bulky.

Moreover, this product is made of solid pine. This material is not only strong to ensure that you can use it for a long time in good condition. It is also aesthetically pleasing, so you have the choice of placing it in a living space or using it in a room designed to bring families together for meals.

The 31740113 from Steens Group Industries is made of solid pine. This whitewashed rectangular model is extendable with an extension cord. It is 204 cm long, 90 cm wide and 74 cm high and weighs about 45 kg. These data are a guarantee of excellent stability and also of considerable durability, according to the manufacturer’s warranty.

It is the perfect dining table to bring a touch of modernity and class to your home. All the more so as its maintenance is very easy despite its white color. You can degrease it with a damp or even wrung out cloth and then dry it.

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  • Made of solid pine: This table has been cut out of solid pine.
  • Rectangular shape: It has a rectangular shape that is ideal for any type of dining room.
  • Extendable with an extension piece: This table is extendable with an extension piece to have more space while you eat.
  • Weight of 45 kg: It is quite heavy with its weight of 45 kg.
  • Stable and durable: Like many tables, it offers perfect stability and has a long lifespan.
  • Classic and modern design: It has a classic design, but at the same time, modern with its white color.
  • Easy care: It is very easy to maintain: Simply wipe it with a damp cloth and then dry it.
  • Its weight: With its weight, the dining table cannot be moved as desired without two pairs of strong arms.

4. Household Extendable Dining Room Table

Maisonnerie 1100-162-00

Maisonnerie 1100-162-00 is an extendable dining table whose length can be varied between 160 and 200 cm. Guests who arrive unexpectedly should not be a problem. This piece of furniture has a contemporary charm so that it is easy to put it among the other equipment that decorates a room.

Its dimensions, including 160-200 x 90 x 77 cm indicate that this product is not bulky even though it allows everyone to have enough space to be comfortable. It is solidly constructed to ensure long-lasting use. Hence the profitability of the investment in its purchase. Its assembly material is made of metal reinforcing the assertion that the unit is sturdy.

Of course, its installation can be a little complicated, except for individuals who have already done some DIY work, since its various components are not numbered. However, once each user manages to make it stand upright, the set is pleasant to look at. Also, this product is stable because it is sufficiently heavy. It does not shake when used, even if users happen to lean on it.

The 1100-162-00 series from Maisonnerie is stretchy, satin walnut, with advanced shapes ahead of their time. It is a piece of furniture that reflects a contemporary charm with its elaborate design combined with exceptional functionality. This item is 160 to 200 cm long, 90 cm wide, and 77 cm high, designed with quality materials from the United States.

Its metal assembly ensures solid construction and considerable durability. When you purchase, make sure that your package contains the necessary parts for assembly as well as the instructions that will help you when installing it in your living room or dining room.

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  • Expandable: This model is expandable and adapts to any space. It is suitable for a small family, but also more people, especially when you have guests at home.
  • Contemporary design: This table has an elegant modern design, ideal for the dining room.
  • Impressive dimensions: 160 to 200 cm long, 90 cm wide, and 77 cm high.
  • Designed with quality materials: This piece of furniture is designed with high-quality materials coming straight from the United States.
  • Reliable and durable construction: It is solid and sturdy, and will last you for many years.
  • Presence of a notice to facilitate its assembly: The notice is necessary during its assembly.
  • A little complicated assembly: The assembly is a little complicated even with the notice. Its assembly will take time.


5. P & N Homewares Dining Room Table Lorenzo

P & N Homewares Dining Room Table

To enjoy a good meal with family or friends, this set is ideal. It must be said that furniture is tough to find, except by looking for a perfectly identical and coherent set.

In this sense, instead of buying your dining furniture one by one, you will only have to integrate this set among all your home furnishings. Indeed, the pack of this model includes a table 120 cm long, 80 cm wide and 75 cm high, as well as four chairs each 50.5 cm long, 52.5 cm wide and 82 cm high.

This is not the only furniture that will serve you for everyday eating but will also give a touch of originality to your interior decoration. Indeed, their wooden designs take on a retro, modern or Scandinavian look to further liven up your home.

Moreover, depending on the atmosphere of your home, you will have the choice between a black, grey or even white model. To maintain the weight of its occupant and support a particularly heavy load on the table, the leggings are made from sturdy wood.

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  • Elegant: In addition to its main purpose of furnishing your home, the finish of the table and chair gives your home a charm that will motivate you to eat and sit at the table.
  • Sturdy: Its wooden design makes it resistant to any situation that could deteriorate its overall appearance. In this way, you ensure long-term use.
  • Easy to assemble: When you install this model in your dining room or kitchen, there is no need to equip yourself with specific tools, as only the right location counts.
  • Dark color: The color of this device could be breaking points for some users looking for more dynamic models, as it is only available in white, black and grey.

Buying Guide – How to choose a Good Dining Table?

A dining table is intended to be the centerpiece of a room where families are used to eating. For this reason, it must be chosen with care. To do so, it is best to take into account three main characteristics, including shape, material, and size.


This shopping guide for the best dining tables is intended to give you advice on how to choose this product wisely. That is why we propose to approach the shape of this piece of furniture first of all. This characteristic mainly determines the adaptability of this item to the size of the household and the number of its components.

Please note that this table can be round, oval, square, or rectangular. These are the most common geometric aspects, but this does not mean that they are the only possible designs. In case you live with your family, and you like to spend a friendly time having your meals together, it is a more rounded model that you should choose. The goal is to make sure that you can see each other without putting two or three members of the household face to face only.

In the case of individuals living as a couple, they can opt for a square item that, in most cases, does not take up much space. For subjects who frequently receive guests in their homes and who have to follow a protocol, they should turn to a rectangle-shaped model.


Taking into account the material from which this product was made is a parameter that helps in understanding the answer to the question: how to buy a dining table with a better price-quality ratio? The quality of this material makes it possible to identify from the outset the lifespan of this product and the ease of its insertion in the decoration of the room in which it is to be placed.

Glass is suitable for users who need a touch of modernity in the place where it is installed. Lovers of furniture reminiscent of nature can turn to wood, which is characterized by its often impressive aesthetics. As for metal or stone, these materials are known for their resistance.


It is essential to define the scope of this product and to adapt it to the dimensions of the room where it is to be installed or to the number of components in a household to use it comfortably. If your dining room is narrow, then a smaller model should be chosen. If it is spacious and the family is large, then a larger model should be selected.

However, there are also items on the market that have an extension system or retractable flaps. You should go for these models if your meal guests often vary in number.

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