Best Desk Fans of 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

by Martin
Best Desk Fan

During the hot summer, it is important to put a fan in the office so that you don’t lose your concentration while working. This type of device is compact and easy to carry. You can use it in rooms that are not necessarily spacious.

Today, the market is flooded with various models. To find the right model for your needs, you first need to know how to choose the best desk fans for 2020. In this buying guide, you’ll find the answer to this question. The selection criteria to consider are power, size, design, and ease of use.

You can also sort through the following comparison of the most popular items. The AngLink USB is powerful with its 4-speed modes. The Glamouric Swivel Head is interesting for its compactness.

Top 5 Desk Fans in 2020

1. AngLink Mini USB Clipper Fan

AngLink Mini USB Clipper Fan

What is the best desk fan on the market? Feel free to take a look at the features of this model from AngLink. This one has the advantage of being powerful with its 4-speed modes. You can adjust its speed from bottom to top according to your cooling needs.

Also, the unit can be rotated 360°. So you can direct the airflow to where you want it to go. You will have the opportunity to lower the temperature according to your wishes, and this is an easy way.

Very practical, this small desk fan can be operated either with a battery or by being plugged into a USB port. You can continue to use it even if you are far from a power outlet. It can run for up to 6 hours on the generator.

This model is also very resistant thanks to its ABS construction. It will serve you for a long time.

Many people will tell you that this product was made by the best brand of office fans. Its clip-on model is both practical and efficient.

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  • Efficiency: This model is efficient thanks to its 4-speed modes and 360° rotation. As a result, you can adjust the level of airflow and direct it according to your needs. Your cooling will be easy and efficient.
  • How it works: By using it with the battery, this item can give you fresh air for up to 6 hours at a time. You can also connect it to your computer via the USB cable to turn it on.
  • Charging: According to the test performed on the product, this fan must be recharged every day.


2. Glamouric Mini USB Table Fan Metal

Glamouric Mini USB Table Fan Metal

This model is defined by many as the best desktop fan. It is very compact with its dimensions of 16 x 9.4 x 15.2 cm. Therefore, you can easily install it wherever you want. Among other things, it can find a place on your desk. With its weight of 305 g, you can also carry it conveniently everywhere.

Aesthetically, it has a retro look. It will give your room a slightly vintage look. This article is also ergonomic thanks to its three non-slip glides. It will remain stable even when running at full speed.

It is also quiet and will not disturb your day or night. For safety, its protective grille protects your fingers from accidental cuts. With a 360° orientation, this model is powerful. It provides you with fresh air in the desired direction.

Take the time to see the features of this model from Glamouric. It is compact and practical.

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  • Size: Thanks to its size, this unit is convenient to install and takes up little space on your desk. You can even take it everywhere with you because of its low weight.
  • Stable: Equipped with 3 non-slip glides, this item will not slip or fall on the floor during use.
  • Intensity: Unfortunately, this unit does not have speed settings.


3. Csl-Computer Mini Desktop Fan USB Fan

Csl-Computer Mini Desktop Fan

This mini fan from CSL is the cheapest item in this category. And yet, it is easy to use thanks to its power supply via USB cable. Simply connect it to a USB port on your PC, MacBook or tablet.

Ergonomically designed, this quiet desktop fan can be used both at night and during the day. You won’t be disturbed by its quiet operation. It’s powerful with its high airflow. You can also adjust its angle of inclination for optimal cooling.

From an aesthetic point of view, this article is sober and elegant. It can be easily integrated into the interior design of your room. It is also compact and lightweight. So you can install it and carry it everywhere.

Which desk fan to choose? This CSL model is appreciated by users for its ease of use.

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  • Power: This unit works when plugged into a USB port. Easy to use, it is compatible with most USB ports on computers, tablets, and MacBook.
  • Tilt angle: For ergonomic use, you’ll have the opportunity to adjust the position of your equipment to get a flow of fresh air in the desired direction.
  • Fragile: According tosome users, this fan is not very strong. Its longevity is to be discovered over time.


4. E-Prance Mini Silent Desktop USB Portable Fan

E-Prance Mini Silent Desktop USB Portable Fan

Do you want to buy a new desk fan? You can make your choice on this model of the brand E-France. It works with a Brushless motor. Therefore, it has the advantage of running quietly. You can use it during the day and while you sleep. It will not be a source of disturbance for you and your guests. It is economical and consumes very little energy.

With its adjustable angles of inclination, you can direct the airflow to a considerable surface. You will enjoy great comfort when using it. This fan measures 15 x 9.6 x 14.7 cm. It is easy to transport and weighs only 132 g. Thanks to its USB power supply, you no longer need a power source or batteries to use it.

If you’re looking for the most powerful model, then you might be interested in this fan that works quietly and is comfortable to use.

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  • Brushless Motor: With this component, your device runs with less noise. The risks of disturbing your sleep or bothering other people will, therefore, be eliminated.
  • Compact: With its measurements, this model takes up very little space in your room and on your table. It can be easily installed.
  • Design: Made of plastic, this item looks a little fragile.


5. Shiji Mini USB Wind Clip Silent Fan

Shiji Mini USB Wind Clip Silent Fan

This SHIJI is very practical by design. It is easy to install with the clip. All you have to do is pinch it on a stand. You can also place it on the table. With its size of 17.8 x 12.7 x 9.9 cm, it is compact and won’t take up much space.

Efficient, this item has a power of 4.5 W. It provides you with enough fresh air to keep your head cool. Equipped with a quality Lithium battery, this equipment guarantees you a great autonomy. You can use it from 2 to 6 hours without any interruption. You’ll enjoy a pleasant moment of relaxation before you need to recharge it.

Practical to use, this model offers you a 360° angle of inclination. This means that you can direct it to the place you want to cool down.

Which desk fan to choose? You may be interested in this SHIJI prototype. It is practical in many ways.

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  • Clip-on: With its clip, you can install and insert this item anywhere. You can put it on your table or your baby’s stroller without any difficulty.
  • Autonomy: Thanks to the Lithium battery, this device can run for 6 hours without any interruption. You can have a long-lasting flow of fresh air to fight against the hot summer weather.
  • Noisy: This fan does not run silently. It may disturb you at night.

Buying Guide

When the warm season comes, it becomes difficult to concentrate in the office. This is where the desk fan comes in handy. It has the advantage that it can be used in small rooms and is easy to transport. But not all appliances are the same, so there is a risk of falling into the wrong products.

To have a quality unit, you need to know some important information. To help you, here are a few tips to help you decide where to buy a new desk fan.


In this buying guide for the best office fans, the first criterion to consider is power. This has a considerable impact on the speed of rotation that the unit can reach and therefore the airflow generated. The more powerful a fan is, the more it can be used to cool larger rooms.

And since we’re talking about desk fans, which take up very little space, more power is needed to ensure a viable atmosphere throughout the room. The most powerful fans can reach a power of 60 watts, but usually, at 50 watts or more, the result is sufficient.


If you don’t know how to buy a better value desktop fan, then the best thing to do is compare sizes. Generally speaking, there is no perfect size for a desk fan. The size will depend on the use and especially on the size of the room. A large desktop fan will allow a higher airflow and therefore a larger room to be aired.

On the other hand, a small fan will be much easier to transport and less bulky. It will also be much more practical if the unit is intended for a single person.


When choosing your desk fan, it will also be necessary to consider the design of the unit. Since this device will be placed on your table or in your office every day, its shape should add to your decoration and not spoil it. It would be a shame if such a useful device were to be completely out of tune with the rest of the room.

You should choose a fan that will be more harmonious with the rest of the room. Above all, the design must appeal to its main user because he is the one who will spend the most time using it.

Ease of Use

Many models look technically similar on sites without being distinguishable. In this case, the ease of use of the device may be decisive. Indeed, there’s no point in having a high-performance device if you don’t know how to get the most out of it. Therefore, it is better to choose a desktop fan that is easier to use.

A model with remote control will be much more pleasant to use than a model that can only be controlled via buttons on the unit. Features should also be more intuitive and not look like a real puzzle.

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