Best Coffee Tables of 2020 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

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Best Coffee Table

Usually placed in the living room, the coffee table is a decorative element that goes hand in hand in the embellishment of your interior spaces. Nowadays, it has even become an object of daily use. This is why we have written this guide, but if you lack time to read our content dedicated to coffee tables, we invite you to consult the two products that we consider to be the best.

In first place is the Links 50100045 Daan, which stands out for the original shape of its legs and its great resistance. It stands out with a particularly versatile and elegant design. As for the Dark Grey Atmosphera, it is a coffee table with the most modern design and Scandinavian style. With its lightweight of only 1.5 kilos, it will appeal to private individuals who are looking for lightweight furniture that is easy to move around in the event of frequent moves.

Top 5 Best Coffee Tables of 2020

The coffee table is a key decorative element in a living room. Whether you like classic decoration or the odd atmosphere, the coffee table must always be meticulously chosen. By being informed about the best coffee tables on the market, you will ensure a winning purchase.

1. Links 50100045 Daan Coffee Table

Links 50100045 Daan Coffee Table

Do you just need a coffee table to complete the final decoration of your living room? This model may please you with its solid and elegant design. Solid first of all because its manufacturers choose a mix of safety glass and chromed metal for its design.

Equipped with two trays, it will allow you to highlight your decorative objects, and can even be used as a small storage space because of its dimensions. Indeed, the second tray, which is a little more protected from dust, offers a space of 90 x 40 cm and is also equipped with sandblasted glass to complete the aesthetics and resistance of the table.

Just as elegant, this table has the merit of being able to be installed in any type of decoration. Rather modern or simplistic, it will offer a beautiful rendering, while remaining practical in its functions. Moreover, you will notice that its legs offer an original touch to the whole.

They can even be chosen in other colors, according to your tastes. As far as its installation is concerned, a single person would be sufficient to completely assemble the product, as a clear and detailed manual accompanies it.

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  • Solid: If you’re going to do it, you might as well invest in a sustainable model of quality. This coffee table has 2 tops, whose materials of manufacture testify to their resistance: sandblasted glass or safety glass, all carefully crafted for long-term use.
  • Not cumbersome: The table has dimensions of 100 x 60 x 45 cm. These dimensions do not require a lot of installation space, and on the contrary, add a practical side to the product.
  • Easy to install: Thanks to the instructions provided, anyone can easily set up this product if they have all the necessary tools on hand.
  • Fragile on some parts: Although the design of this table leaves the buyers unanimous, they are still disappointed by the choice of plastic with imitation metal on the parts between the glass plates.


2. Atmosphera Modern design coffee table

Atmosphera Modern design coffee table

This round coffee table with a modern design of 45 x 48 x 48 cm imagined by Atmosphera has been conceived to fit in all the rooms of the house. It can be used as a coffee table for the living room, an occasional table in the office and a bedside table for the bedrooms.

If you wish, you can also install it in your kitchen. This table has a very elaborate design and takes up very little space, which is why it is so popular among people who use it at the moment. To design this table, Atmosphera has chosen natural materials that are of impeccable quality. The legs are made of pinewood, while the top is made of MDF or medium wood.

Assembling this table is incredibly easy, it is accompanied by a manual. Very easy to maintain, a simple wipe with a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth is all that is needed to restore it to its original appearance. If you like Scandinavian decoration, this table will perfectly match your decoration.

It will ideally complement your decoration and will not fail to give it an irresistible touch. Inevitably, the dark grey Atmosphera is the best coffee table of this comparison in terms of practicality.

This dark grey Atmosphera is without a doubt the cheapest coffee table of this list. All the more so as it continues to seduce on the market because of its versatility and elegance. A model to look at closely, according to its buyers.

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  • Multi-purpose: With its smaller dimensions of 45 x 48 x 48 cm, this item can be used as an occasional table or coffee table in your living room or office. It also serves as a bedside table in your bedroom.
  • Easy to maintain: Designed with wood, simply use a damp cloth and finish with a dry cloth to clean it.
  • Small size: Some consumers complain that the size is considered too small for a large room.


3. Vonhaus Capri Coffee Table with drawers

Vonhaus Capri Coffee Table

Between design and practicality, this coffee table will appeal to buyers who like the contemporary or Scandinavian style. Thanks to its manufacture in 3D veneer imitating oak, the rendering is as elegant as it is resistant. By choosing this model, you make the choice to do without traditional tables and thus add a touch of originality to your living room. But apart from this aspect, its practical function is also a great asset.

Indeed, it has 2 sliding drawers to store several personal effects (magazines, photo albums, keys…), which you will have at hand when you are quietly installed in your living room. Moreover, the handles are ergonomic and the drawers are very quiet during their opening and closing.

If you are curious about its sturdiness, you should know that the table is mounted on steel pin legs, to guarantee a stable and solid structure. Its dimensions are then 100 x 59 x 37 cm so that it does not take up too much space in the living room. On the installation side, a manual is proposed to the users so that they have no worries about this operation.

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  • Modern: Have you opted for Scandinavian or contemporary decoration for your interior? This coffee table will go very well with the rest because of its design in 3D veneer imitating oak.
  • Practical: Not only aesthetic, but this table is also practical thanks to its 2 drawers. Their ergonomic handles facilitate all the more their openings.
  • Robust: The quality of manufacture of this table is seen through its structure, and its legs entirely in steel. The whole is as stable as it is solid.
  • Not cumbersome: In addition to being easy to install, this table has acceptable dimensions so as not to take up too much space in your living room.
  • Installation: Very few users report having had trouble installing this table.


4. Idimex Low Table Square Shape Coffee Table

Idimex Low Table Square Shape Coffee Table

Simple but elegant is the main asset of this coffee table. With its square shape, it is only 68 x 41 x 68 cm to settle in the heart of your living room. This minimalist shape, and its appearance in itself, allows it to fit into any type of decoration. And it even comes in several colors to suit everyone’s taste. Entirely made of particleboard (E1 standard), it is a table that is not only solid but also easy to maintain. For this very purpose, a simple damp cloth will remove all surface dust.

The design is not the only advantage of this product, as it is also practical. This by offering a storage shelf, capable of supporting a weight of 5 kg to store your personal belongings. And as the main shelf itself can support 50 kg, this table can also be used as a storage unit.

Although the table is sold in parts, its manual is very precise as to its assembly, and therefore gives you the possibility to install it without the intervention of a professional.

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  • Reduced dimensions: Thanks to its shape and its small dimensions of 68 x 41 x 68 cm, this table will be able to be installed without imposing itself in a living room.
  • Manufacturing material: The melamine wood panels used in the manufacture of this table give it robustness, but also easy maintenance.
  • Practical: The practical side of this table is accentuated by the presence of a shelf. The latter can be used as a storage space as it can support a load of 5 kg.
  • Fragile: While many users testify to the solidity of the table, others blame it for the opposite. To be seen according to the circumstances.


5. Atmosphera Set of 2 nesting coffee tables

Atmosphera coffee tables

These Atmosphera coffee tables are practical, they will furnish your living room in a very elegant way. Available in a set of two, these nesting tables will offer a considerable saving of space in the room where you intend them.

When the two coffee tables are extended, there is more room to place trays or glasses when entertaining guests in the living room, which is a real advantage. This model designed by Atmosphera is perfect for cramped lounges, it will help to create a convivial space in the living room.

If your interior is Scandinavian style, these white coffee tables will fit perfectly into your decoration. Atmosphera did not depart from its rule by making these nesting coffee tables.

Their legs are made of eucalyptus wood, and their tops are made of MDF wood coated with a nitrocellulose varnish. These tables are to be assembled by yourself, the instructions are provided.

By comparing the different models on the market, you will surely be able to find out where to buy the best coffee table. In this quest, you may come across the Atmosphera Nesting Coffee Tables, which has the art of mixing design and practicality.

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  • Compact: This set of 2 coffee tables is not bulky at all. They measure only 48 x 60 x 60 cm and 40 x 40 x 40 cm.
  • Lightweight: With its weight of 7 kg, you can easily move your equipment from one place to another.
  • Unstable Feet: With 3 feet, this item is testified as not being particularly stable.

Buying Guide – How to choose a Good Coffee Table?

In your living room, the coffee table plays a central role in the harmony and decoration of your home. Follow the advice to buy a good coffee table delivered on our price comparison website and optimize your time to make the right final choice. During your prospection, 3 main characteristics are to be taken into account: the shape, the size and the material of your coffee table.


You may be wondering how to buy a better value coffee table, so start by focusing on the shape of the coffee table. Depending on the layout of your interior space, each piece of furniture must fit together so that they don’t overlap and tarnish the decoration.

As trends change, each style may be different and may be similar to yours in general. To make sure that everything fits together perfectly, you need to take the time to check every point that makes up the coffee table.

If you opt for a central coffee table, it must take into account the other furniture surrounding it. It can be round, square or rectangular, but the one that fits easily with everything is still the rectangular table. The side coffee table can be placed at the end of a sofa or between two armchairs. It must be in harmony with your sofa.

The weak point of a coffee table lies in the material with which it is made. A wooden structure, for example, can be heavy and difficult to move if necessary. On the other hand, a structure made of other materials may be light but not strong enough.

So, think carefully about the material you choose because it will have a direct impact on the durability and maintenance of your coffee table.


Another important point when you decide to buy a coffee table is its size. Our buying guide for the best coffee tables encourages you to choose the right coffee table size.

Indeed, the size of the table will depend on 2 things: the size of your living room and the height of the sofas around it. You must find the right compromise between its role and its charm in the room. The proportions must be respected so that it does not shock.

If your living room is small, you can opt for a transparent coffee table. If, on the contrary, your living room is large, the choice of a wooden table would be ideal. Of course, the table should be neither too high nor too low compared to armchairs and sofas.


The strength and quality of every coffee table always start with the material. With the style you adopt in your decoration, you will choose a material that suits you and that you like. For a contemporary design, glass is suitable. Wood is ideal for an authentic style. For pop and playful effect, opt for plastic and finally for an industrial effect, choose metal. The idea is just not to mix genres.

After taking stock of all the features you need to know, you can now ask yourself: where to buy a new coffee table? Depending on the one you are going to choose, you can find nice coffee tables from 30 dollars for simple but efficient models.

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