Best Bladeless Fans of 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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Best Bladeless Fan

Many varieties of air coolers are commercially available today. One of the most popular models at the moment is the bladeless fan. Its design allows it to operate without being permanently connected to the mains, unlike conventional units. It is often difficult to find out where to buy the best bladeless fan in the vast market that exists. But before buying one, it is important to know a few products features to get a quality unit.

The focus should be on size, shape, noise level, energy consumption, and controls. We have prepared this buying guide to help you make your choice more easily. In case you’re still unsure which model to choose, these two of our best-selling products may be just what you’re looking for. Dyson New Pure Cool is a bladeless fan that’s quiet, with a noise level of just 42.3dB. Dyson – Air Multiplier Technology is multi-functional and will come in handy for you. In winter it’ll keep you warm, while in summer it’ll cool your home.

The 5 Best Bladeless Fans of 2020

1. Dyson New Pure Cool Purifier

Dyson New Pure Cool Purifier

Much quieter than standard fans, bladeless models are increasingly popular with households. At 42.3 decibels, the new Dyson Pure Cool will be very quiet, even at full speed. It’s even more efficient, with an airflow of 361 liters per second.

Compact, this model is just 69.1cm high, 35.2cm wide and 10.6cm thick. It weighs around 4.65 kg. In terms of finish, the mix of white and silver is very good and will suit all interior styles. Thanks to the HEPA filter, it will be able to capture 99.95% of pollutants, allergens, and ultra-fine particles.

This feature will be useful for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. Practical, the DYSON LINK application will allow real-time monitoring of ambient air quality, but also remote control. It is compatible with smartphones running iOS 10 or Android 5 and higher.

As an accessory, this device will come with remote control and a French plug adapter. As it has no blade and no grille, its use will not represent any danger for children.

  • Performance: Compared to the previous version, the new Pure Cool is more efficient since it has several sensors. As a result, it will be triggered quite quickly.
  • Practical: This purifier will indicate the source of pollution via the DYSON LINK application. This feature is very handy if you live in a large city.
  • Excellent finish: Dyson is renowned for the quality of its products and this model is no exception.
  • Programmable: This unit has a fully programmable standby mode.
  • Will not support connected speakers: Originally, this purifier cannot be controlled by voice assistants like Siri and Alexa.

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2. Dyson AM09 Fan and Blower Heater

Dyson AM09 Fan and Blower Heater

Generally, ventilation and heating are the most sought-after features on a purifier. Indeed, these two modes will allow the user to keep his interior cool and warm in winter. With both options, this Dyson product is a model that can be used in both winter and summer.

The space-saving fan is 64cm high, 18.5cm wide and 22cm thick. And it weighs just 2.7 kg. Elegant, this unit has a silver finish with white reminders. Even so, it is relatively easy to clean. In terms of noise level, it develops 64 decibels. Regarding its power supply, this fan will require a voltage of 230 volts to operate.

In terms of consumption, the heating mode consumes about 2000 watts compared to 30 watts for the ventilation. As with the majority of Dyson fans, this model is equipped with Air Multiplier technology which ensures excellent fresh air distribution. This technology is combined with tilt control.

As an accessory, the remote control will be supplied by Dyson. This is to make life easier for the user. The fan is safe and will not pose a danger to children.

  • Sober: This model will not be too conspicuous and will find its place in any room of the house except in the bathroom. Moreover, it is lighter than most of its competitors.
  • A remote control option: The original remote control works perfectly. It has a magnetic surface and can later be attached to the top of the fan.
  • Reasonable consumption: Whether it is in ventilation or heating mode, its electricity consumption remains quite reasonable.
  • Noisy: Its noise level of 64 decibels is slightly above the average of the fans on the market.

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3. Klarstein Skyscraper 2G Tower Fan

Klarstein Skyscraper 2G Tower Fan

Aside from the performance and technology the fan incorporates, the design is also an excellent way to differentiate between models. Some manufacturers such as Klarstein have not neglected the appearance of these fans, as the Skyscraper 2G shows.

As its name suggests, this fan takes the shape of a skyscraper. However, this model remains compact, measuring only 80 cm high and 22.5 cm thick. It weighs around 2.5 kg.

Its silver color gives it a modern look. Equipped with a dust filter, the Skyscraper 2G will absorb all ultra-fine particles. Also, the unit can be rotated up to 60° from left to right.

Conveniently, the ventilation can be adjusted in three different levels and can be programmed with the timer. This parameter will ensure that its power consumption will not exceed 40 Watts. In terms of ergonomics, everything is done on the touch screen, which is very practical. That said, the power is always supplied via a switch on the top of the fan.

Remote control and a 1.65-meter long power cable will be supplied by Klarstein as an accessory. This device plugs into a standard power socket and requires a voltage of 220 volts.

  • Easy to assemble: Since only the feet have to be fixed, this model can be assembled in less than two minutes.
  • Compact: Contrary to its appearance, it will not take up too much space and will be very discreet.
  • Quiet: The ventilation system will make virtually no noise and will not disturb sleep.
  • Practical: Thanks to the remote control, all settings can be made remotely. This is especially practical in the summer when it is very hot.
  • A rather limited oscillation: Unlike other models, the Skyscraper 2G will only be able to diffuse fresh air within a radius of 60°.
  • The remote control: In the event of a malfunction, it will be difficult or even almost impossible to obtain a replacement remote control.

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4. Brandson Fan Column with remote control

Brandson Fan Column with remote control

Since LED technology has become more widespread, few devices are not equipped with LEDs. This also applies to fans without blades. The Brandson brand ventilator is discreet and modern, with an integrated LED panel that displays the room temperature, the ventilation intensity, and the selected mode.

This model has three fan speeds and three operating modes, namely 60° oscillation, night mode, and variable ventilation or nature mode. This versatility allows several types of use such as domestic use, in the office or even in workshops and garages. All this is made possible thanks to its 40 Watt motor. Silent, its sound level will not exceed 48 decibels.

In terms of power supply, this fan requires a voltage of between 220 and 240 Volts to work properly. Moreover, it will be delivered with a EURO cable type C CEE 7/16. With a height of 96 cm and a width of 32 cm, this column will easily find its place.

Apart from the power cable, a stand, remote control with a range of 10 meters and a user manual written in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish will accompany this fan.

  • Modern design: Thanks to its LED display, it’s up to date. If you want to consume less energy, it is possible to switch off the display via the remote control.
  • Versatile: Each of the three modes has its characteristics. In addition to this, the ventilation level can be set at low, medium or high speed.
  • Quiet: Even with very high fan speed, the noise level will not exceed 48 decibels.
  • Size of the remote control: Due to its size, the writing that is marked on each button is illegible. Moreover, the remote control only works when it is facing the control panel.

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5. Klarstein Sky High Ventilation Column Fan

Klarstein Sky High Ventilation Column Fan

In the market for bladeless fans, the manufacturer can easily be identified by the product design. True to its tower-like structure, Klarstein brand aerators rarely change their appearance, and this is exactly the case with this model called Sky High.

Measuring 110 high and 32 cm wide, this column is large enough to effectively cool any room. What’s more, it has a 75° swivel function. In addition to this oscillation, the Klarstein Sky High also has nature and night mode. The ventilation speed can be set in three different ways.

With a touch screen, all settings and adjustments can be made via this panel. It displays the room temperature, the selected mode, and the ventilation intensity. In terms of performance, the airflow rate generated is estimated at 276 m³ per hour. Thanks to the Smart Space Concept, this fan will take up little space and will easily find its place even in small spaces.

Easy to handle, the remote control is even more intuitive than that of the touch screen. Moreover, everything is well explained in the user manual.

  • Elegant: The quality of the materials, as well as the design of the column, are simply breathtaking. What’s more, it has a beautiful finish in carbon black.
  • Easy to assemble: This is done by fixing the plastic base which is held in place by two screws.
  • Multifunctional: The nature mode is similar to a natural wind, while the second mode is more like a fairly gentle breeze.
  • Convenient: Adjustments can be made either via the touch panel or the remote control.
  • Reliability of the remote control: Although it is very practical, it will not last over time.

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Buying Guide

The use of a fan is a nice option when the heat starts to be unbearable during the hot season. Traditional fans are wrapped in a grid, but a child could still stick his finger in it, which can quickly turn into a disaster. That’s why there are bladeless fans that are much safer. So here are a few tips to help you know how to buy a fan with a better quality/price ratio. To do so, you need to take into account certain criteria such as size, shape, noise level, energy consumption, and controls.


In this buying guide for the best bladeless fans, the first parameter to consider is the size of the unit. The fan is convenient, but it should be large enough to meet your needs. A unit that is too small may not be large enough to ventilate your room, while a unit that is too large may be cumbersome and not practical at all.

It is better to aim for the right balance according to the dimensions of your room to avoid the appliance being just a decorative object.


If you can’t decide on the model you’re going to buy, the shape can be the deciding factor. There are different shapes of fan rings with no pale coloring that can be found on the market, such as circular, long shape, etc. It is through these rings that the airflow exits the unit, which can cause the unit to move differently through the room.

A long-shaped ring sends a more concentrated airflow, which is convenient for a fairly small room. For a more spacious room, a circular shape is preferable.

Noise Level

One of the biggest advantages of bladeless fans is that they make less noise than traditional fans. And it is on this option that different manufacturers are playing to create increasingly discreet devices. It is then very advisable to look into this criterion to avoid that the device does not disturb you during its operation. Besides, comfort is the main reason for such a device.

Energy Consumption

If you have not yet decided where to buy a new bladeless fan, consider the energy consumption of the unit. This is one of the most important parameters if you don’t want this appliance to add to your electricity bill. The best thing to do is to find a device that is economical but not so small that it will quickly become useless.


You can find different models of bladeless fans on price comparison. To find out which one works best, it is best to know how to control the unit. If a model has only an on/off button, it will not be very practical.

The various functions must be easily accessible on the control panel. Having a remote control is also very useful if you don’t want to get up every time you need to get up.

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